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  1. Chainsawkitten

    Chainsawkitten makes games

    Same reasons as other. Single thread > Scattered remnants of threads all over the place Notice: This is just a few selected games. There are some more that have been omitted from the list. Latest Cliff Interactive pixel painting in Java. Any key to walk. Play Online Older Cross You're...
  2. Chainsawkitten

    Chainsawkitten makes music

    Latest release Infinity Heavily inspired by Swans. Year: 2010 Tracks: 7 Length: 16:52 Genre: Darkwave (?) YouTube playlist: Link Download: Link WIP Nothing public yet. Older releases reset - return - repeat Lots of electronic. Quite ambient but still a tad drone and noise. Year: 2010...
  3. Chainsawkitten

    Pixel to make WarioWare minigame(s)

    Story here: I guess you all know how Wario Ware works, small minigames completed in the time of 5 seconds. Wario Ware DIY is, apparently, a new game in the series, with the addition for players to create...