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  1. FrenziedMimiga

    Vote for Quote in SSB

    If everyone just votes for quote, then even if they don't put him in the game, they would realize that he is a highly wanted character.
  2. FrenziedMimiga

    Ikachan Errors in English Version

    I'm running Windows 8 and the error message displays in Japanese, so I don't Know what it says. Even the version that comes with Cave Story Deluxe doesn't work correctly.
  3. FrenziedMimiga

    Ikachan Errors in English Version

    Whenever I play the pre-patched English version of Ikachan, It crashes every time I level up, making the game unplayable, but this error is not present in the Japenese version. Is there somewhere I can get the English patch and apply it to the Jappenese version? If so , how can I patch the...