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  1. QuoteCirno64

    Somthing Strange... (Cave story+ Could have four endings?)

    When I looked at the description of cave story+ on steam it said that it had four endings under the key features menu. Is this a typo or is it real?
  2. QuoteCirno64

    QuoteCirno & Friends' Mod Chronology

    Here is the order of our mods The original Cave Story (NOT made by us) Cave Story II: The Dragon Wars Cave Story III: The Green Crystal Cave Story IV: The Wrath of Ballos Cave story II development thread:
  3. QuoteCirno64

    Question Fourm

    So this is a Fourm for saving space... Multiple questions will be posted here. If you have a question feel free to ask! If you have a question that is the same as mine, check this often! First Question: How could you mod cave story to have multiple save files?
  4. QuoteCirno64


    What forum should you put a walkthrough in? (For a mod)
  5. QuoteCirno64

    Cave Story II: The Dragon Wars

    Check lower down for the ideas
  6. QuoteCirno64

    My Let's Plays (at first)

    I am a noob. Let's get that clear. So... I am going to put links to my let's plays here. And... how do you get the signatures and stuff? Ok got the signatures, but what about the "officially worth one rupee" thing? Does it change as I go up ranks? Can I change it?