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  1. SirGuy

    Let's Depreciate Sue's Workshop

    *clicks dislike for SW* I used it once, (about a month ago) and the only thing it taught me was that backups actually ARE worth doing repeatedly. It ruined the exe as it likes doing.
  2. SirGuy

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    :/ I get what you mean, but I would really want to keep all the entities in the original. That's kinda the point of my (developing) mod. So... Can you add the (copied) save entity to it without ruining anything? Keep in mind I know not the language of assembly. Basically TSC, tileset and...
  3. SirGuy

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I'm kinda scared to ask... but how difficult would it be to copy the data for an original npc and just change the image? For example, using the save point's data and making another image file with it being blue. I basically want a save point clone that doesn't ruin the original.
  4. SirGuy

    Rate the favorite CS character of the person above you.

    10/10 I've always wondered how there are only a few at the start of the boss battle (Undead core), and then suddenly there are more floating across the screen. Ikachan
  5. SirGuy

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Or, instead of messing with assembly hacking or flags, you could always just modify the head script. Put a <FL+ that activates when you enter the room you don't want to die in.Put a <FLJ in the Head script immediately after the <PRI. When you want to have the player be able to die, just remember...
  6. SirGuy

    Dear Doctor Fabulous

    Dear Doctor Fabulous, should I finish my next ending and release in a few weeks, or Should I release the next ending with errors now (or soon).
  7. SirGuy

    Your Favorite Underrated Games?

    SuperTux (Mac/Linux/Windows) Heck, you're a Mario ripoff turned !penguin! and it's freeware. Platypus (Windows/Mac) The trials are free, no trial time limit is fairly cheap. The original is the one I like. Everything Is Made of Clay. Seriously. Also, on that note, Active Lancer (Mac/Windows...
  8. SirGuy

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Is it possible to add an aditional new sprite to the game without breaking/ruining the exe? I have the picture in the correct format, I have the sprite sheet in CE working, but how do I create a sprite with that sprite sheet? I have tried using that sprite sheet with another entity that the...
  9. SirGuy

    Hey all! I started a video series on Cave Story! Check it out?

    *runs into spike* Kohjix: Fuck! That was my exact reaction the first time I played cave story :)
  10. SirGuy

    Rate the favorite CS character of the person above you.

    9/10fairly strict, but still a decent mimiga. Glasses give +2 to all of my ratings, when it comes to characters. Jenka, when you meet her in Sand Zone
  11. SirGuy

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3

    Seeing that I hope to get the majority of endings done !this! year, I think it will be a better one. :D
  12. SirGuy

    New Year's resolutions+New Year's party

    It's kinda too late to awnswer those questions, so... Happy New Year! (That is, in Michigan) I'm celebrating at my grandpa's house. Flying back home tomorrow.
  13. SirGuy

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Off topic, ha, 25 posts before I posted this Coolest presents I got: Nanoblocks (specifically the snowman, frog, and some reeeealy cool castle that's in Germany supposedly) For you people who wonder, here's the main website: Basically they're smaller, easier to lose...
  14. SirGuy

    Into the Unknown v0.1: Escape

    Please. Don't stop Mods are like fighting your way through a kiddie ball pit. You keep trying to get out them, but whatever happens, people will want you to stay "in" and keep working on it. Also, I'd look for people who HAD downloads of your mods, and ask them to upload them ( to mediafire...
  15. SirGuy

    Ask a dumb question.

    Because I'm stuck in a warehouse. Why is the Jellyfish Juice in a jar inside a chest?
  16. SirGuy

    Hell Freezes Over- First Ending (Dragon)

    Should be fixed now. Or so I thought^ Mediafire has evidently screwed me over, so I will no longer grace them with my presence. I would rant, but why do that here when I could... *opens Word* hmm...*cough* Here's the download link
  17. SirGuy

    Time's End (21/12/12)

    Well, looks I'm safe That is unless somthing happens in the next 15 min. between now and midnight.
  18. SirGuy

    CS Breakdown demo

    That's why, when moding, back up (twice), attempt to fix error, then... a. It works, yay or b. It screws it up even more. If b happens, use a backup copy.
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  20. SirGuy

    Hell Freezes Over- First Ending (Dragon)

    Yeah, I took out the "screen frame" and the doors. I made it more fun by making it a free-drift, as if you were still traveling right like before... Insta-Deathtm moved to the deathtrap in Santa's House, to make it seem like the chimney's booby trapped. Also to justify why it was even placed...
  21. SirGuy

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I've been using flags 10-30 safely in my mod... nothing bad has happened yet Or am I just getting lucky? Skipflags...*Interest level went up by 2* What do they do again? If this happens 1.Start game from save 2.Skipflag sets 3.Player dies Does the Skipflag stay? or does it turn off?
  22. SirGuy

    Nooooo...Ace of Spades :(

    :'( If it's anything freeware, some part of me wants to play it, even if it's only for a few minutes. *Sigh* It's even worse that it's a near combination of two of my favorite game types, like Minecraft and TF2 combined At least it's still on steam As I say, you can't hide from Steam, it travels...
  23. SirGuy

    Cave Story for Android/iOS (via PSX4droid/PSX4All) Theory

    Here you say I have a question.Yes, I know I have too many of those, especially recently (I'm asking this because I just am naturally paranoid, and won't jailbreak my iPad.) If it requires Cydia to install, and Cydia can only be installed on jailbroken, than how do you install NXEngine on a...
  24. SirGuy

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    This isn't necessarily an easy question. Where in the world is the Island animation file located? You know, the one where it either falls (and boom) or stays in the sky I've looked around with Resource Hacker, but somehow it isn't there I've looked my way through all most of the Data files...
  25. SirGuy

    Cave Story for Android/iOS (via PSX4droid/PSX4All) Theory I've always wanted this, but I've always dreaded the implications. [/spoiler]