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  1. Hate9

    <MSG text formatter

    I was bored this weekend, and had a lot of free time, so I decided to actually make a project I'd kind of wanted to get done for a while. Basically, what this program does is take whatever TSC code you have copied to your clipboard, and replaces it with a version with line breaks inserted...
  2. Hate9

    ORG file format

    I really don't know anything about reading from the ORG file format, and I've been thinking of making a org to mp3 (or wave, or whatever) converter. I don't know if this'll ever end up happening, but in the case that I do get everything figured out, does anyone know anything about reading the...
  3. Hate9

    MLP Story

    Hello, everyone! I've been working on this for a while, and I've finally completed it, so please enjoy MLP Story! Download at:
  4. Hate9

    1080p Cave Story stretching to fit screen

    Whenever I run Cave Story in fullscreen mode on my 1080p monitor, it stretches to fit the screen, instead of letterboxing it, and it resizes all of my windows to 640x480. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. Hate9

    Curly's Adventure remake V0.0.1.3, now with 100% less persistant exclamation mark!

    Well, it's been quite a while now, but I'm glad to say that I've started work on remaking Curly's Adventure. I did a rather terrible job of it last time, but in looking back, the general plot idea I had wasn't too bad, so I've started over from scratch, and I'm done a few maps now. I'll add...
  6. Hate9

    MS Paint Story version

    An idea I had while in a call with the skype group (or one of them). It's the best mod ever. Download it here: Version history: Screenshots!
  7. Hate9

    Minecraft modpack help

    I'm working on a 1.6.4 modpack, and when I run it, it crashes, I'm running it using multimc, and this is the console log. Please help me if you can.
  8. Hate9

    Sunshinesan's Hayate no Gotoku! Dream Apocalypse revival project

    Quite a while ago now, an RPG Maker VX game by the name of Hayate no Gotoku! Dream Apocalypse was released, and this post is actually what got me to play Cave Story, but after a while HNGDA was cancelled/dropped/who knows whated. I would like to, during this summer, work with (hopefully) some of...
  9. Hate9

    still alive

    RthZgszykLs Okay, not really. I had no idea where to put this, so I'm putting it here, if anyone knows a place where it should be more then here, please ask a mod or admin to move it. So, this is my explanation of why we're still alive: There are alternate realities, each one...
  10. Hate9

    Tale of the cave mod

    I'm thinking of starting a cave story mod (yeah, another one, but don't worry, I'll still finish the CA, and get going on FL) based on Tale of the Cave, a cave story webcomic. I would like this to be a community mod, so if you want to join, post a reply. now, I know what you are all thinking...
  11. Hate9

    Mod in progress: Forgotten Life

    I'm currently working on a mod called Forgotten life, It's based around the time quote was created, and, among other things, explains why quote can't talk. I am not abandoning Curly's Adventure, just working on this as well. PS. Hey, magicdoors, Can you re-upload SadRomance? I want to use it as...
  12. Hate9

    iPad mini commercial

    This is hilarious, you have to see it! RyWSEwKPo8s
  13. Hate9

    autodelete unused accounts

    ow about ou remove te accounts tat don't ave any osts.
  14. Hate9

    Working version of agoras legends?

    I was wondering if anyone has the file in this post: the link is down. (I know the server probably doesn't work, I can probably figure out how to make one everntually)
  15. Hate9

    Ikachan tilesets

    I was wondering if someone would happen to have the ikachan tilesets in a windows compatable (preferably .bmp or .pbm) file formats, If so, please post them here, it would be very helpfull, and I'll put you in the credits for my mod. EDIT: to any moderator or admin who sees this and knows it's...
  16. Hate9

    Curly's Adventure!

    This is the thread for the old version of the mod, the new thread is at here. Hello, this is Hate9. I am making a mod called Curly's Adventure! Here is the first archive! Here are the current links! please play it (the current version) and tell me what you think! Facebook Wordpress...