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  1. Aeternum

    Ibenholt Project- Hewwo Looking for Creative Minds!

    Hello everyone! It has been a hot minute since I've been on the forums. Last summer I started writing a narrative and got about three chapters in when student teaching came up and consumed all of my time. Fast forward to the end of the semester, I'm now simply working during day as I work on...
  2. Aeternum


    I couldn't find how to add a poll to an existing thread, so I'll give this a week or two for voting and rid of the thread so its not just a spam thing sitting here.
  3. Aeternum

    Kero Blaster Remixes

    notfor me to post here. Im continually working on this song. Id love to hear other reinditions!
  4. Aeternum

    Irrelevant to CS: Amelia Pond and Rory Williams Piece

    I'd just like some personal opinions.
  5. Aeternum

    Random homestuck remix Carne Vale

    I do hope you guys find it fun to listen to.
  6. Aeternum

    Mimiga Animation

    Title should say it all. My friend animates. I write when I get bored. Concept art is being developed. We've contacted Joe Skinner about using his instrumental, and he's contemplating giving us permission to use his piece. I was wondering if anyone out there had a good remix to the theme we...
  7. Aeternum

    Quote on Machine Gun

    Just post your reaction
  8. Aeternum

    Random Cave Story Flash

    This by far is priceless. I'll just leave the link here.
  9. Aeternum

    Remove Old Threads: Possibility

    Yea, I bumped some. Should have paid more attention. Granted some of the old threads are good to read I do understand that they are insanely old. I think, not sure how many of you would agree, that maybe a possible solution with dealing with the old threads is to simply rid of them all together...
  10. Aeternum

    Programs to convert midi to org?

    I was wondering if anyone has a program that could convert my midi file ( my song for the music competition) into an org so I can continue to edit it. Please anyone? HALP.
  11. Aeternum

    Hero's End Remixes!

    Everyone post a remix of hero's end! I'll link mine, which I am doing for a small school project.
  12. Aeternum

    Geothermal Recreation Soundtrack

    Alrighty guys, hope I don't get yelled at for this one. No worries saxophone ( for those worried) does not carry the melody. I spent about two hours this morning working on this piece. I tried to make the song as close to the original as I can. I'm using garageband for those interested in which...
  13. Aeternum

    Team to help release sequel to Jenka's Nightmare

    Hiya guys! I've played all the mods I can think of to Cave story. Yes even finished King: Strife and Sacrifice. (God that game is hard). Anyway I've decided I want to make my own. I'm not great at coding but do develop my own music in my free time. I've been working on a script and I'll give the...