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  1. Shade of a Wave

    New Cave Story beta footage

    This appeared on YouTube yesterday
  2. Shade of a Wave

    Sonic the Hedgehog ORG Collab

    So after seeing a lot of Sonic ORGs being made recently, I thought, "Hey, we should do a collab where we recreate every classic Sonic song in ORG format, it would be fun" and then this happened. Few guidelines because organization: songs must come from the list of songs below, consisting of...
  3. Shade of a Wave

    Donald Trump Has Won The Presidential Election

    I haven't seen a thread for this, so I decided I'd make one. Donald J. Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and is to be the 45th President of the United States. Thoughts?
  4. Shade of a Wave

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo's new console, codenamed NX, has been officially revealed as the Switch. Thoughts?
  5. Shade of a Wave

    What have you been listening to?

    I'll start:
  6. Shade of a Wave

    Sonic Mania

    SEGA's just announced a brand new 2D sonic game in their anniversary stream... It's being made in collaboration with Christian Whitehead, the man behind the mobile ports of the Sonic games. Said to have brand new zones, as well as reimagined versions of old zones. Thoughts?
  7. Shade of a Wave

    Cave Story and Knuckles

    Yesterday, I got bored and did this thing that took 12 hours out of my day because I got bored. I drew quite a bit of inspiration from DM Dokuro's Cave Story Arranged, most notably in Moonsong. Some of them rock, some of them suck...
  8. Shade of a Wave

    Show us your desktop

    Figured, "oh well every other forum ever has this so why shouldn't we" i'll start
  9. Shade of a Wave

    General screenshot/video thread

    Got screenshots/videos/music/whatever from a mod you're working on but don't want to make a topic for it? This thread is for you. I'll start...
  10. Shade of a Wave

    Replacing the CS+ music

    Just curious if there's any way to do this? Particularly because CS Arranged is amazing an I want it in game.
  11. Shade of a Wave

    "New" orgs?

    Has anyone made ORG versions of the songs from the New soundtrack? If so, could I get a download link? Wondering if I could put them into my mod. I've tried to do Moonsong but failed horribly.
  12. Shade of a Wave

    Which soundtrack do you prefer?

    So, there are three official soundtracks - the original, the + soundtrack, and the 3D soundtrack. Personally I prefer the 3D soundtrack with some exceptions (run is shit) but I'd like to know what you guys think.
  13. Shade of a Wave

    Cave Story MIDIs?

    I've been looking for Cave Story MIDIs but I can't find any. Like, at all. Every time I think I've found one, the link either doesn't work or it's a shitty one-track piano piece. ORGMID doesn't work for me either. Hep?
  14. Shade of a Wave

    Cat Story

    You play as Curly with cat ears that has woken up in a small cave with no recollection of her past. Or is it a he? Or an it? I don't fuckin' know. This is my first CS mod, so naturally there's gonna be some shit in it. Like, bugs and crap. Features: Redone First Cave New sprites, courtesy of...
  15. Shade of a Wave

    The (un)official CS TSF Hunger Games

    Something I did when I got bored. Just took 24 names and put em in a website. List of tributes: Aaand how it played out.