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    post as many times as you can

    Post as many time as you can! It doesent matter what, as long as you aren't offensive to other users. Now..........GO!!!!!!
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    rate the weather of the person above you

    Okay, so how it works is you say your weather ie:10 degerees and snowing, then you would rate it how much you would like having that weather. EDIT: post once a day only. So mine is 50° and raining
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    DERP story

    Okay, if I can get a computer, I want to try to make a mod. I want it to be simple, its just gonna have different art, and a new mode called derp mode. Derp mode will be an unlockable. If you beat hell on hard you unlock derp mode, wich is just hell x5 in difficulty. Any suggestions?
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    who else is bored?

    Im bored as hell!
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    avatar fight online

    Okay. So there's a game called avatar fight, and its amazing. Its avalible for android and apple devices. If you end up downloading it/have it send me a message! Ill tell u my username and we can be buddies!!! ^_^
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    DERP is back!!!

    Sorry I was gone... I got distracted and was following a butterfly around for the past... how ever long. But im back and that's what is important! ^_^