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  1. LieithLeif

    I'm Hate9

    Pretty much in the skype group already knows, but yeah, I'm Hate9.
  2. LieithLeif

    Tower of Hell

    I have decided to make a mini mod called Tower of Hell, (because tower of heaven) It will NOT have a storyline, and I got my brother to help me, because he has time now, this mod takes place on the extra area on the island that you don't get to see in cave story, well, I guess I'll get started!
  3. LieithLeif

    The corperation

    EVERYONE should watch this movie. (Admins and mods please remove this movie if it violates copyrights, however, watch it first.)
  4. LieithLeif

    Hacking tool

    I know that there are tons of threads that are just noobs asking stupid questions, this is not one of those, I have looked EVERYWERE for this, and I can't find it, I used every search function in the FREAKING UNIVERSE but I can't find the hacking tool in this pic I have found numerous references...
  5. LieithLeif

    Spoiler names

    I don't know if it's possible with the current system to put this in, so just tell me if you can't, but I think it would be a really good idea if you (whoever puts in the good change ideas) would put in an option to make a spoiler where you can name it something different then spoiler, I just...
  6. LieithLeif

    Zodiac signs

    Sense you can put your date of birth in your account, why not have it display your zodiac and chinese zodiac sign on your profile, and maybe next to your number of posts...
  7. LieithLeif

    Portal Story

    So I'm sure that most of you have played WTF Story, And some of you have finished the current demo and gotten the portal gun, but how many of you have thought of making a mod of that mod? Some of you have probably thought of it, but I'm still going to make it...
  8. LieithLeif

    Profile issues

    I'm sorry if this already has a topic or this is in the wrong section, but I can't access all the editing options THIS says I can, in particular, the member title, and the profile customization, if anyone can help, or has the same problem, PLEASE COMMENT, I need all the help I can get.
  9. LieithLeif

    The story of knytt

    I have decided to make a cave story mod about knytt storys, if anyone would like to help, they can, although i'm not asking for help, and don't think anyone will help with the modding process, if anyone knows where in the knytt storys folder or exe the knytt graphics ar located, it would be...