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  1. funwillfunwill

    Fallout 4

    Fallout 4 has finally been teased of Bethesda's website. As of this posting there are 2 hours and 48 minutes until an official reveal (dern it bethesda your pulling a Black Ops 3.) I will update this post in 2:48 when the reveal is made official. *Singing and dancing* "Fallout 4! Fallout 4! It...
  2. funwillfunwill

    Fate of the Entire Universe

    I posted this due to some probably inaccurate science going on in my head. So i've been studying Hawking Radiation, red shift, and expansion of the universe a bit, and have come up with how the universe as we know it will cease to exist. This is based on articles I have read and researching as...
  3. funwillfunwill

    E3 2015

    *If this is in the wrong section, could a mod move this to sat. lounge? So E3 is coming up! What games or consoles are you hoping to appear there? What about developers? Personally I'm excited about Bethesda because there's a really good chance Fallout 4 will be announced. Most likely a new...
  4. funwillfunwill

    Music...In General

    So what are your favorite music artists, songs, albums, etc? I couldn't find any thread for this, but i only searched for a few minutes. Anyway, here's my favorite music: Artists- Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Blink-182, REM, U2, Pearl Jam, The Cure, Modest Mouse, The Killers, Green Day...
  5. funwillfunwill

    Worst Video Games You Have Ever Played?

    So, what are some absolutely awful games you've played? There are some games that just feel broken (quote story but that doesnt count because its obviously not mainstream) and some that just aren't that good...i guess the sims 4? But the absolute worst mainstream game i have ever played is...
  6. funwillfunwill

    If posting is blocked on a thread...

    So I was wondering if a thread has blocked posting, shouldn't we tell people that beforehand? Such as, maybe have a closed thread's link in red instead of blue?
  7. funwillfunwill

    Could someone explain the purpose of spambots?

    I've occasionally seen some posts that have spambots on them and they all say something along the lines of: "I recently got into this game called Cave Story. It was developed by the Japanese gave developer, Pixel over the course of 5 years. Have fun playing!" So what would anyone have to gain...
  8. funwillfunwill

    60's Synth Sounds Like ORGMaker?

    I have been thinking about this for a few months but never got around to posting it. Anyway, does the Doors song "Light My Fire" sounds like something from CS in the synthesizer parts to you? Here's a link to the song if you haven't heard it:
  9. funwillfunwill

    Windows 10--It's Real!

    Anyone hear about the new version of Windows? Microsoft for some reason skipped windows 9...but anyway, there is a start menu (yay!!!) and you can download an early developmental copy here.
  10. funwillfunwill

    Bad news...

    Mojang is being bought by Microsoft next week. Is it the end of Minecraft as we know it?
  11. funwillfunwill

    Should I Get A 3DS, 3Ds XL, a PS Vita, or an Nvidia Shield?

    I can't decide between these. I had a 3ds, but sold it less than a year ago. I have heard that the shield is good, and you can play HL2 and Portal natively on it, but there is a small good game selection as well (I hate most mobile games.) I know that the vita has good graphics, and a decent...
  12. funwillfunwill

    Who wrote the script on the map system?

    The script that says "So long as you retain your spirit of exploration, surely you shall find your way out. This I believe." I first thought of this when I read the "Which Character Should Get Their Own Game" thread and people were discussing it, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a...
  13. funwillfunwill

    Where Can I Find the Ikachan Theme Song?

    I was looking around on the tribute site for the music from Ikachan...but I found nothing! I checked Google and it just brought up YouTube vids of Ikachan, not a download link. I need it as a file type that a computers normally play, like MP3 or WAV (not ORG.) Could anyone point me to where I...
  14. funwillfunwill

    What is the best version of Cave Story?

    Also, I know that 3 years ago this topic was brought up, but I am creating a new thread so as not to bump a really old thread. Freeware- Its free (clearly) Cave Story+ on Steam-Better graphics, extra music, extra levels. Decent price ($10,) but you still can't beat free. Cave Story for...
  15. funwillfunwill

    Is Kero Blaster in the Same Universe as Cave Story?

    I think it is because the first boss in Kero Blaster is what looks like the Omega boss from cave story (in the sand zone.). Could Omega be from the surface? Or did he somehow survive Quote and the island's fall? But anyway, the most obvious answer would probably be that Pixel just liked...
  16. funwillfunwill

    I just created a non-crappy game!

    It's a simple game based on Breakout. Every time the paddle hits the ball, it gets a little faster. Try to survive as long as you can. PS. If you remember the whole JPEG Story mess, I used no JPEGs. Download link: 0.1...
  17. funwillfunwill

    Kero Blaster v. Cave Story v. Ikachan?

    I prefer Cave Story best, even though I can see how some (more mainstream) gamers would like Kero Blaster more. Please explain you choices below. The reason I like Cave Story best is that it i less linear than most game nowadays. It has a great story and a nice weapons upgrade system. It is...
  18. funwillfunwill

    Time periods of crown owners?

    Like, you could say The Doctor owned the crown from 1999-2000 or something like that. I thing it would be interesting to put a date with them. And Miakid's death would most likely be way before The Doctor because his body was found as a skull, with no flesh remaining.
  19. funwillfunwill

    Cave Story Prequel

    I am creating a prequel to Cave Story in MultiMedia Fusion 2. It will be ready for a beta test in one month or less. If you want to register, put it on the forums. I will give a download link to the people that register for closed beta. PS. The game is NOT very far in development yet.