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  1. FrozenFire

    Cave Story: "Another Dimension" 3D Project (Not-A-Mod)

    :koron: - "What's this all about?" Frozen - I'm basically converting some CS+ graphics into 3D, trying to keep them as close to the original style as possible. 2D to 3D = "Another Dimension", if you needed help making that connection. :toroko2: - "Mmkay, but why are you doing it?" Frozen -...
  2. FrozenFire

    Secrets of Grindea RPG

    Hey guys, just wanted to show you an RPG that I'm very excited for. Here is video of a guy playing the beta: IcVsDo2MkVw Here is a video of a girl playing the beta: oSX4UCNYjQY If anyone here likes Secret of Mana or the 2D Zelda games, this is probably a game that you'd thoroughly enjoy...
  3. FrozenFire

    A horrific tale of FrozenFire's personal life..

    As the title suggests, I've got a real-life incident to share. It's not much of a "tale" to tell, just some stuff about a work day gone wrong. On the first of the year, I had a work-related accident. I work at Arby's, and I was assigned a cleaning task that I've never had to do before. The task...
  4. FrozenFire

    Super Bash Bro's Ultimate

    Hey guys, so I was inspired by HaydenStudios to make a topic on one of my old-ish Game Maker games. I found one of my Game Maker games that is actually worth playing: "Super Bash Bro's Ultimate". This game was inspired by Super Smash Brothers for the N64 (this was before any later Smash Bro's...
  5. FrozenFire

    Suggestion.. make Firefox work with the forums again..?

    First, I apologize if this is not a good place to voice this. I looked around and couldn't find a better means to get some answers and to have this problem fixed. The issue: I'm using IE9 right now and the forums work totally fine. However, I've been using Firefox up until now. What changed is...
  6. FrozenFire

    A Cave Story Christmas (Not a mod; using GM:S)

    What I'm planning for "A Cave Story Christmas": The idea is to make a snack-sized game that takes place after the best ending of Cave Story, but it does not try to be "Cave Story 2". Instead, it focuses on a Christmas time celebration shared between 3 of the main characters from the original...