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  1. Woddles

    Quote has a built in music player.

    This thread has spoilers for Cave Story plot if you still haven't played it. Not only does he have supreme taste, but also has the respect to turn it off certain cutscenes. Also you could say that he gets more dynamic with turning it on and off as the game progresses, mostly to show that he...
  2. Woddles

    How much fan music does Cave Story have now?

    There's those cave story remix projects that definitely exist, the DM Dokuro one which sounds like grand midi and has massive 80s influence on some tracks, that one pxTone album Jade made, that quote listen track I don't remember the name of + Desperation if that counts. I want to know how much...
  3. Woddles

    What if there was a mod where you played Cave Story in reverse

    Not to be confused with Reverse Boss Rush from Cave Story 3D. So like you had all your weapons and you could go do best ending or something but instead you'd find Booster there filling out a log. I'd imagine there would be lore reasons for it all as well but you could also just make a...
  4. Woddles

    If there's creatures and magic on the Island, what's the rest of the earth like?

    If people on Earth can construct and army of robot soldiers and robots that are capable to act like real human beings, what's is it if there are other humanoid creatures down there besides Mimiga? They could just be limited to the Island while there are other things down there. Santa and Chaco...
  5. Woddles

    What mods have had original music?

    I don't think I've seen any do it other than Ordeal Pillar, Headman 1-2 and that pizza mod by Safusaka. If it really is that rare, then I hope that more people give it a try even if it's just simple stuff. If you don't know much about Orgmaker, look up some tutorials or guides or go to mlurker's...
  6. Woddles

    Was there anything that was universally liked in Cave Story 3D?

    And a followup to that is what was the worst thing about it?
  7. Woddles

    The worst thing to put with cheese?

    A common answer is chocolate.
  8. Woddles

    Monolith is a preeeetty good shmup.

    It's a 16-bit shmup that is also a rogue lite and features a cat called Kleines. Sue me.
  9. Woddles

    What is the most average, middle of the road mod you have ever played?

    Playing Nate's Story last week was the inspiration for this post.
  10. Woddles

    If there are sentient mushrooms does that mean that there are vegetable tribes around the island?

    Honestly it's like Halo versus the 3 covenants, but with vegetables. Not to mention that the mushrooms have a leader character living in the cemetery.
  11. Woddles

    Not important, but what is everybody's favourite cs colour palette?

    Personally, I like the brown and green contrast in labyrinth.