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  1. Curly-Brace

    Creepy Google and Bing

    Google. WHAT R U DOIN? GOOGLE. STAHP. Bing, you too. I did not edit this (besides adding the red underline), why would I? Did this happen before?
  2. Curly-Brace

    Pooh Black doing absolutely nothing?

    Recently, I found that if I don't attack Pooh Black, it does absolutely nothing? I don't even take touch damage from it! It only generates the damaging bubbles when I attack. Is this a glitch or is it supposed to be like that?
  3. Curly-Brace

    Cave Story Curly's Perspective

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to hacking, but I'm very interested in it. I have an idea of a mod that you may think it's like Curly mode, but it's not, it's actually quite different. It's the (almost like) regular Cave Story, but in Curly's perspective. I don't think anyone has ever made...