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  1. Professor Fufflykins

    Can I get some suggestions?

    read this forum and tell me what I should say. I'm pandariver
  2. Professor Fufflykins

    Substory (No, not in as in the food!)

    So I had an idea. (ya I know I hate it too when there's no pics or anything too but as of now this is just an idea) while on the metro I was thinking about cave story. Then I thought about my dog mod. So I thought I should make a mod about my dog. Im hoping to have some humor and good story...
  3. Professor Fufflykins

    PSP Cave story?

    I know there's one on the tribute site but, it dosn't work. I'm running PSP go OFW 6.39. It tells me corrupt data? Any help as to why it does this would be thanked.
  4. Professor Fufflykins

    Dear Drunkenapplesauce,

    You sir haz 1 urself an internets. Y u ask? I was on google and typed "OMGWTFBBQPIZZA" your second thread "OMGWTFBBQPIZZA 2" Was the 4th result. A winner is you. you have made a mark in the internets. :)
  5. Professor Fufflykins

    Oddodd story Dev.

    Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! So, aside from making custom MyChar's, I will also be making a sprite/map mod. it is basically Cave Story but now EVERY room will have a secret passage, wall, ect. leading to a upgrade of some sort. (even some NEW guns!) So it will give you yet...
  6. Professor Fufflykins

    I can make a requested character.

    This is a communal sprite request thread. Post what you'd like some one to make and anyone willing hopefully will make it. Please no spamming in example, asking over and over and over and over and so on. We probably have read you post. An also please don't post something that's someone else...
  7. Professor Fufflykins

    What is Curly doing?

    Shouldn't she be in the kitchen?
  8. Professor Fufflykins


    I could of sworn i saw a Klonoa hack some where but can't find it. I really want Klonoa on Quote just because they look decently similar and i like Klonoa. And if you have any extra time can you make Hewpoe on Curly?
  9. Professor Fufflykins

    the squid game by pixel?

    i heard about it but want to know if anyone has played through and if has mutiple endindgs.
  10. Professor Fufflykins


    Whelp while skimming through a thread I accidentally read all the endings and that curly dies. I didn't want to know that. Now I fell that when I finish the game I'm not gonna get that same sadness. Has anyone made any mods that have sad endings good and normal and basically a whole new game?