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    The Return

    So after a few years of thinking, I've dicided to return to Cave Story Modding. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why I stopped Cave Story modding in the first place. But regardless of my forgetfulness, I'm back. For those who don't know who I was on here previously, I'd rather people not...
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    Long Time, No See!

    Its been a long time since I've been here and I know what you're thinking, "Oh god no, this kid again". But no, I'm not here to annoy anyone or get other people to make things for me. I'm just here to tell you why I left for such a long time, and why I will be leaving. Back in 2012, I made this...
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    Flaming Souls

    Sorry for not updating in awhile, but I've been thinking of making a fully developed mod. This mod will have only "Original Characters", Although the main character looks like this: (NOTE: it is a JPEG so basically i don't want people using this until its released) I also need an ORG of this...
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    Ok so I have not made any updates in a long time. The problem is i'm thinking of ideas in Toroko's Dream and i'm also working on two other mods (one is a test and the other is a actual mod). One is called Critic Story (The New Mod) an the other one is called Reese's Adventure (The test). This...
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    Critic Story's Main Plot.

    Story: During a taping for Nostalgia Critics review on Furngully a vortex is opened by the raging of the Critic. He soon forgets his memory of rage as he wakes up in a Village and sees a strange figure walking into a door. AN UPDATE WILL BE COMING SOON.
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    Ill be streaming every day so yeah: Day 1 (DONE):
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    Toroko's Dream DEMO 1.0 Here it is. It is a very short demo and only shows the new boss. You may use the Clover boss in a mod you're making if you give credit. Have fun!
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    Toroko's Dream

    After playing Jenka's Nightmare, I had an idea. If you know how Pokemon has 2 versions of it games (RED AND BLUE) then you see where this is going. But there will be a Buttload of changes. New stages, Cameo's of my friends here and on Flipnote Hatena, Play as Toroko, and more. UPDATE: I need an...
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    I'm working on a mod for ikachan.....STRANGE ISN'T IT!
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    Sorry guys. My laptop broke down and cant get it to turn on so i'm using my Old Coumputer with Windows XP (Easier to use). I'm Working on a new project featuring my friends. Sorry....
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    Mod Ideas?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the Fourms and i need a new mod idea. Either "Cave Story 2" "Paranorman" or "Adventure Time". What do you guys think?