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  1. Aar

    Action 52

    I made this mod in a couple of hours when I was bored one weekend several years ago. I've neglected to draw any real public attention to it until now, but I feel like it deserves it so here you go! Download Mod Download CSE2 Port slam bam thank ya maam plz feedback
  2. Aar

    video game+

    Built from the ashes of Cave Story Engine 2, this new reimplementation of video game promises the most premium experience yet! All of the content from previous releases is here, alongside new characters, modes, accessibility options, and - get this - a render backend that doesn't suck...
  3. Aar

    WTF Challenge [CS+/CSE2]

    WTF Challenge Hey everyone. What you're seeing here is the WTF Challenge, a port of the first level in WTF Story by GIRakaCHEEZER to Cave Story+ (and now Cave Story Engine 2 as well). See how quickly you can beat the stage and share your time on the thread! This mod was created with...
  4. Aar

    Cave Story+ in the Humble Weekly Sale

    Yep, you heard me right! Cave Story+ is in the Humble weekly sale along with VVVVVV, Dustforce, Puzzlebots, and Thomas Was Alone! Also, if you spend more than the average, you get Reus, Limbo, Cthulhu Saves the World, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Lone Survivor, and Element4L! Spending any amount will...
  5. Aar

    Cave Story X

    THIS MOD WILL NO LONGER RECIEVE UPDATES. Read below for an explanation. Cave Story X (or CSX) is a Cave Story mod that adds more to the original game, including areas and effects. This mod was started in late 2012, and the last update for it will probably be this one: November 11, 2014. The...