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  1. ColdCallerLoopy

    Valentines Day 2019

    It's sad, it's happy, I'm mad, and no-one's mappy. So happy vallie's day 2019 everybody! You're either lonely like myself, or maybe you have a significant other to enjoy it with. Stay safe, stay happy, don't do drugs, you get the shtick. I'm a god-awful artist so I'll draw next year, have a...
  2. ColdCallerLoopy

    Pixel Art Collab 2

    Same things apply here. Let the games, begin.
  3. ColdCallerLoopy

    Creepy audio file titled "t7"

    I have no idea where this audio file came from. It appeared one day on my downloads page, and I guess I haven't noticed it until now. Link to the audio file Any thoughts you guys?
  4. ColdCallerLoopy

    Another Cave Story Sequel (ACSS) V: 1.18.2

    Quote, Curly and Balrog, hours following their victory over Ballos, were shot down by a force unknown to any of them. Quote must once more to travel through the island, a year after the Doctor's havoc. Work with old friends and make new enemies as you unravel another mystery and liberate The...
  5. ColdCallerLoopy

    Having issues hooking up my NES to the computer

    So recently I got this piece of hardware called the DVD maker usb 2.0; it came with RCA connectors so I hooked up my NES and old TV (takes RCA only) through audio and video spliters but when I went to record or even capture footage, it got the sound no problem but the video signal isn't showing...
  6. ColdCallerLoopy

    Valentine's Day 2017

    It's February 14th, at least where I live. So for those with a special one in their life or of you're like me going solo for the xth time, how will you spend this day of love?
  7. ColdCallerLoopy

    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    I think it'd be interesting to see a multiplayer Cave Story. Doesn't mean others have tried: But on the bright side! I think we got a CS for the switch!
  8. ColdCallerLoopy

    The hardest achievements you've ever achieved

    After completing Shovel Knight and getting every glory achievement, it made me wonder; What are the hardest achievements you've earned, which ones made you either rip your hair, cry yourself to sleep, or both? The 3 hardest achievements I've done; Shovel Knight: Hurry up achievement 4 hearts...
  9. ColdCallerLoopy

    Curly's Panties?

    Was this supposed to be a joke by Pixel?
  10. ColdCallerLoopy

    Mod of the 1/4th of the year (This is a loss-cause for now)

    I wonder if there could be a mod of the month. Say (for example) that the mod Cat Heaven is chosen as top mod of the month, like a promotion for being a mod that seems to be widely accepted. The choices for the poll (question 2) are either full mods, or mods that have great quality, or potential...
  11. ColdCallerLoopy

    What's your favorite and least favorite aspects of Cave Story?

    If you a favorite or least favorite (or even just 1 of those), speak them out.
  12. ColdCallerLoopy

    Hell Challenge 2 (Lets restart from scratch)

    For those who have played my original Hell Challenge and hated it with all your might, no need to worry anymore this version will be so much easier you'll be like "Wow its not even like Callerloppy made this!" It may take some time to do it, but It shall be easier and not as punishing as the...
  13. ColdCallerLoopy

    Werid garbage text?!

    I'm not sure id this counts as an issue but anyways, I was looking through the script files of CS and look through labyrinth I, and found THIS garbage text. Anyone got an idea what this text is under event 503?!
  14. ColdCallerLoopy

    Any fans of Super hexagon?

    If you play this game tell me; 1. what is you favorite level? 2. what is your most hated level (can't be the hexagonest stages)? 3. Which song from the track do you like most? Example answer: 1.Hyper Hexagoner stage. 2.Hyper Hexagon stage. 3.The ending theme or Hexagonest stage theme.
  15. ColdCallerLoopy

    What if the demon crown never existed?

    This may seem like a no brainer (for those who got the best ending), but really think it through people and tell me.
  16. ColdCallerLoopy

    Anyone know the Megaman Battle network?

    It may or may not be a game series that no one really knows but I'd like to know cause that was the MegaMan series that showed me the MegaMan series anyone know?
  17. ColdCallerLoopy

    anybody still like pokemon

    Just a personally question lay it on me.
  18. ColdCallerLoopy

    Ballos' return V4.75: Going through your past.

    Abandoned: I can't seem to take this somewhere so it's dead, simple as that..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A mod that is in progress, but hard as "hell". Finally got the title...
  19. ColdCallerLoopy

    The symbol on the demon crown?

    I love CS+ but when playing it I noctied that the doctor's new face spirte (the face shown in the text boxes), I saw on the demon corwns left side there was dragon-ish like symbol.I have no idea what it is but i wondered about it and couldn't figure it out does anyone have a good reason for...
  20. ColdCallerLoopy

    In need of making a mod with no abilty for a CS2 mod team needed

    I know some people are going to hate me for it cause I'm lazy for not making a mod. But 1.I'm horrible at making sprites 2.I can't make a mod without it glicthing the crap out of it self. 3. I'm better at idea's. If anyone would like helping me I would be glad to make a squeal for CS I need...
  21. ColdCallerLoopy

    Why doesn't Ballos'es second form kill you on contact on slamed on?

    In CaveStory after defeating Ballos'es first form he fly's away and his second form begins.Its the only form that doesn't hurt you on contact.But whats weirdious thing of all,(and this is in all versions on CaveStory,)is when Ballos'es head falls on you it only takes a toll of 16 damage then...
  22. ColdCallerLoopy

    Was the house built when culry woke up?

    Before culry met quote again she woke up in a with four mimiags by her but was there house by then or was there just empty room in the sand zone where house should be?