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  1. q3hardcore

    Cave Story for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

    A developer is working on Cave Story for Sega's Mega Drive (also known as Genesis). It is still in early stages of development - it's not currently possible to progress beyond Grasstown. Follow the Source Code link for further information. Note: TSC files are stored in a non-encrypted form...
  2. q3hardcore

    ASM Help Thread

    Having difficulty modifying Cave Story in assembly? Post your questions here! Please make sure your question isn't already answered in the following guides: Beginner's Guide to Cavestory Assembly by Carrotlord Bombchu Link's Beginners Guide to NPC hacking If you want to work with C or Lua...
  3. q3hardcore

    Thoughts on Lua

    Assembly language isn't for everyone. Fortunately, @gamemanj made a template mod with Lua support. Is this actually of interest to anyone? Would you prefer to use something other than Lua?
  4. q3hardcore

    My Prior Issues With GIRakaCHEEZER

    EDIT: this post was originally entitled "Demote GIRakaCHEEZER", and appeared in the forum suggestions section. @GIRakaCHEEZER, I'm sorry for suggesting that you be demoted. If I truly have any issues with you in the future, I hope that we can discuss them in private. I was not justified in...
  5. q3hardcore


    It'd be cool if the site supported HTTPS, at least just for the signin page.
  6. q3hardcore

    First new thread!

    So, we've migrated to XenForo now. Thoughts?
  7. q3hardcore

    Skipping part of Waterway

    I came across this video today: This technique was used in this speedrun: Does anyone know if it's possible without tool assistance?
  8. q3hardcore

    OrgView + Drag3n (proof of concept)

    While working on, I thought "why not just mod OrgView?". So here it is! Currently, you have to play one of the in-built songs, and then drag your song on. If you want it to loop, just select "Repeat one track" from the "Application" menu, as normal. Planned features: display the...
  9. q3hardcore

    Download: (version 2*) Download: (version 1) This is a simple org player, written using C#. It's intended as a replacement for OrgPlay. Simply drag'n'drop the file you want to play on to the window, and click "Play". It...
  10. q3hardcore

    Unused Cave Story Songs in PiyoPiyo I came across this page using The Wayback Machine and thought it might be of interest. Here is information on the songs where it mentions Cave Story (洞窟物語): マグマン (Maguman): It was going to...
  11. q3hardcore

    Ikachan (preview 1) I'm attempting to remake/port Ikachan in Cave Story. Enjoy.
  12. q3hardcore

    The Secret of New.pxe

    Make a copy of "Cent.pxe" then overwrite the original with "New.pxe". It seems it was for an earlier version of Plantation - only some of the doors line up.
  13. q3hardcore

    This song is included in practically every version of Cave Story, except for the original version. If Rave Story is anything to go by, the song is "Last Battle Beta Intro" - it certainly seems like an intro. Here's a link to the song:
  14. q3hardcore

    DragEn - Load profiles via drag'n'drop!

    Enables profiles to be loaded by dragging them onto Cave Story. Please note that saving will overwrite the default Profile.dat. Using: (Image) See below for installation instructions. DLL: Pre-patched EXE (English)...
  15. q3hardcore

    q3hardcore's (Occasionally Updated) Modding Thread

    My other modding threads: DragEn, enables loading profiles by dragging them on to Cave Story: - Ikachan, attempt at porting Ikachan to Cave Story: - OrgView + Drag3n, OrgView with drag'n'drop: -...
  16. q3hardcore

    Cave Story.. Flash

    The "illegal" Flash port of Cave Story has been discussed here before. I have been working on reverse engineering it, and have got it to run without the Mochi preloader. I don't think I could post it here, as it's still in violation of the GPL (as it incorporates NXEngine). So my question is...
  17. q3hardcore

    Update Links

    The links to no longer work. Internet Archive however has copies of the relevant files: