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    Original Cave Story Best Ending

    So, as you're all probably aware, Blood Stained Sanctuary was a last minute rewrite added by Studio Pixel after friends/play testers were unhappy with the original ending Pixel had gone for. After digging threw some the 2004 BBS log, and some help by majikman and a translation by MechanoPixel...
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    What translation do you prefer?

    I personally prefer the Nicalis translation, but I'm curious to hear what you guys think?
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    New Cave Story Wii Ware information

    Recently, my friend sky and I were discussing the Wii Ware launch ost, and I decided to ask Tyrone for clarification, this was his response. Thoughts?
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    Master Post

    Hello there, I’ve seen this posted around in various threads so I figured I should post it here. I recently created a Master thread about the rights. I was wondering what you guy’s think about it
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    Does anyone know what this is about

    I don’t speak any Japanese, but the video seems interesting. I was wondering if anyone can inform me on what’s actually being said.
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    Do you believe Nicalis stole the rights

    There has been a lot of discussion about this recently. If you believe either way, can you say what you believe the specifics are.
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    Split Physical Releases

    Hey, as you probably now, a little while ago Limited Run physically published Kero Blaster for PS4. And a couple of weeks ago, it was announced that a new start up would be publishing the physical Switch version. Do you guy's know the reason for this?
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    Original Wind Fortress Location?

    Since we're probably all aware, Wind Fortress was supposed to be in the original game. I've always wondered where, so I figured I would ask you guys.