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  1. LanHikariDS

    Cave Story: Über Hell Mode

    so this mod will be different before you start the actual game. The 'Load' option will be removed completely. when pressing 'New', You will be dropped instantly into Blood Stained Sanctuary with 50HP. Your Loadout will be: Polar Star, Booster V2.0, Nikumaru Counter, Map System, Arms Barrier...
  2. LanHikariDS

    Beast Fang- Cave Story DSiWare

    Alright, first off, I'm a new user. Anyways, I heard that it was possible to get the Beast Fang in the DSiWare version of Cave Story, by making a difficult jump in to a hidden path that isn't on the map with a door to a hidden area in Yamashita Farm where you can go below the life capsule. Does...