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  1. whyme

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2012

    Hello Everyone. I have returned from the grave to inform you about the fundraiser that is Awesome Games Done Quick! The people at Speed Demos Archive are currently holding a marathon to raise money to donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation and I'm here to spread the word. Here is an video if...
  2. whyme

    SAY WHAT!??

    Hey guys. I made a most fascinating discovery last night with some wii points as a gift. CAVE STORY FOR DSI WARE!!!!!! It was changed a little, but the graphics and music are original. The text was changed... and Quote... Quote is black for some reason... But thats not the point. The point...
  3. whyme

    Uncharted 2

    So, the point of this thread is talk about Uncharted 2. Why not? I'm certain there are at least more than two people on this forum that has the game. we can talk about the single player or the multiplayer. Brag about your levels, all that good stuff. I'll start out by announcing that in...
  4. whyme

    If you were in Left 4 dead, who would your partners be?

    You know, like who would the people in your group be? Like mine would be: Me DragonBoots(my trusted Canadian friend) CaptainFabulous(he knows about the infected) Ryuuoutan(since nobody else would have her in their group)
  5. whyme

    How many sex offenders live near your house?

    You can find out at Fortunately none live near my house but I'm no sure that other members have my luck. Just do it.
  6. whyme

    Strange reactions to the sky or am I just crazy?

    A couple minutes ago, I went to get a soda and then I ran outside and started dancing in the rain. Am I reacting to the moon or some strange star or comet or something? Or am I just a strange girl?
  7. whyme

    I'm just experimenting something.

    Either no body will give a crap about this thread and it will die immediately, or it will turn into a clusterfuck of members yelling at eachother (and me) Experiment beginning in... now.
  8. whyme

    You have no soul if this video does not make you laugh!

    Blind Froze His Nuts on Live Stream 2st2OHAO2GM&feature=related Here's a link if this does not play on this thread.
  9. whyme

    What Wiiware/Dsiware is worth buying/is a waste?

    I was Actually curious to see all of your opinions on this. Well I think that Mighty Flip Champs is definately a good choice for Dsiware.(800 points) Here is a review if you do not believe me.
  10. whyme

    Im just gonna make this thread for no reason.

    Other than to let all of you talk to eachother and see how long it lasts until it gets locked. kind of an experiment I guess... I know for a fact that the fastest way to get a thread locked is to talk about sex but...
  11. whyme

    Hell Mod Contest! (The list is up!)

    Just take me seriously for just this once. After beating hell, I still wanted some more. And then I thought "why not have a Hell Mod Contest?" So here's how it goes: You will makee a hell mod and upload it to the internet. (please don't make it a win32 application. or win anything for that...
  12. whyme

    I can't believe that this actually exists

    Okay, so I was just doing a random google image search on the venus fly trap and I found this. It had me laughing for about 5 minutes.
  13. whyme

    An interesting dream that I must share...

    Last night in my dream... I was getting married to DragonBoots! What could this mean!?
  14. whyme

    Ok, what the hell?

    The word Kageryushin appeared in my dream again and it had to do with an evil plot to take over the world... and it was in a sonic game.
  15. whyme

    I think Its about time I left so goodbye

    Or not... Perhaps I just wanted to get your hopes up and then crush them for my amusement. No I do not plan on leaving until... oh I dont know.. Maybe around to the time I meet my demise... which is perhaps in ten years...
  16. whyme

    What is your favorite TV show?

    Well mine is Hells Kitchen because I like cooking and people yelling and fighting and possibly hurting themselves. I also like The Smoking Gun's Worlds Dumbest but thats pretty self explanitory to why I like that... (insert insult here)
  17. whyme

    Complain about stuff here...

    I am fucking cold, Nobody here cares for my well being, And Shadow the Hedgehog is a criminally underrated game.
  18. whyme

    Punch Out!! Wii: Fun times, ceap tactics, Failurs and lulz

    Anyways as you can see I freaking love this game and I had a lot of fun with it and I would really like to hear all of your experiences with this game. It will make me fell happy.
  19. whyme

    She made another one of these pointless threads!?

    Yeah... its like 12:15 in the morning, I should be sleeping but im not. MAKE ENTERTAINMENT NAO!
  20. whyme

    Im bored...

    So I guess I will just make this thread just to see what happens just to be a little entertained... and attention never hurt anyone.
  21. whyme

    things about/what can you do in a town called Mianus

    There is a convenience store in Mianus.
  22. whyme

    A game that I got recently

    Its called VOYAGE and it was made by The Adventure Company. Has anyone (besides me) ever heard of it or played it?
  23. whyme

    How would you treat your minion/pet if you had one?

    Honest answers please. Thanks.
  24. whyme

    The final act of defience.

    Come to me master. This battle will determine our fates. Win and I will continue to serve you. Lose and your throne is lost. All other members may also fight for either side if they wish. This is the final chapter to this story. A story that never ends. A story that could not be completed...
  25. whyme

    another thread to get your attention

    For some reason I like to divert your attention from what you are doing and focus your attention on me.