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    E3 2014 Discussion

    A discussion thread for this year's E3. Let's talk.
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    Nintendo @ E3 2014 This video is freakin' amazing.
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    Hey guys, another game today. This one is by the same people who(as far as I know) canceled their last game, Stealer(which I also posted an article about a year earlier). This thing doesn't have a video for it, but from what I can tell from screen shots, might be a 2D rail shooter. Here's the link.
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    Armello - an amazing game

    Hey, guys. I know it's been a while since I've posted here, but y'know, life and all. But forget my life, I've got a game to show you all. Armello's Kickstarter page
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    Thomas Was Alone

    Hey all, itza meee, Nerd-meister. Okay, so I didn't find this game online, but I DID see Ben Silverman and Jose Sanchez review this in their segment on Reviews on the Run(one of my favorite tv shows). So in this game, you guide squares to an exit. Sounds simple, right? HA HAHAHA HA ha ha...
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    It's a browser game that plays like Populous, except it's got pixel art visuals and I'm digging the chip tune soundtrack. Heres the trailer.... .... and heres a link to the actual game -->Reprisal<--
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    Here's an indie game I found interesting(as a roaming internet wonderer, you discover the most interesting things).
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    The future of home consoles....

    So, I was on Youtube, just browsing and minding my own business, when I found THIS(Fair warning: video might contain some naughty references): ..... Home consoles? Phasing out?? Blasphamy! BLASPHEMY I TELL YOU!!!!!! *ahem* Here's what I had to say in the video's comment section: Thoughts...
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    The Animation Thread

    Hey all. As the name entails, this thread is created for animation nuts(such as myself) to show their animations and basically discuss anything animation related. To start, I will post this(this was from WAAAAAY back when I was a noob on the interwebz so forgive the username X1)...
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    Stealer(its an indie game)

    I just found this today... just thought I'd let y'all know. Stealer (don't watch if you tend to suffer horribly from flashing lights or patterns just to be on the safe side)
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    EarthBound fans rejoice!!

    Hey all, I was on my way to checking my account on the forums, and on the home page, I got the news that, after spamming gentle persuasion of the Mother 2 VC Miiverse page by dedicated fans, EarthBound, after years of petitions and emails to Nintendo of America(later, to Nintendo of...
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    A sad, sad tale. Human nature makes me sick to my stomach sometimes :(
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    The PxTone Bleeps and Blops Thread

    Hey, guys. Haven't posted a thread in a long while. So this thread's purpose is for people who use or have used PxTone enough to know how to create ptnoise and ptvoice files to post their sound samples for other people to use in their pxtone songs as well as for people to make requests for...
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    A Random Review - Phantasmaburbia

    Hey guys, after a long time of thinking about it, I've decided to post up a game review for your viewing pleasure(this is my first review, so give me a break if your buggged by grammer or whatever). And, finally, if this isn't in the right place, can one of the mods please move it to where it's...
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    CS on SNES

    Yeah, this thought has been on my mind for a long time now, but I haven't gotten around to posting my question yet cause I've been procrastinating(you gotta hate those). .... .... Anyway, back on topic. I was wondering if it would be possible to port Cave Story over to the SNES(I'm surprised no...
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    Problem in Game Maker 7

    I'm making a little experimental platform game to get used to Game Maker, but I ran into a problem. I made the player character so that when you push the button to walk forward, it shows an animation of him walking and when I was testing it, for some reason when I would walk forward he would...
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    Problem with ORGasm

    I'm having a bit of trouble with ORGasm(odd name by the way ):', ). When I get done with creating a song, I save it and when I reopen it, the entire song is gone like I never did anything to it. what do I do?