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  1. fadoink


    Please don't think this is spam but I want all the things from IPboard to be in The CS forums! WHO AGREES!!
  2. fadoink


    Every file I open opens in chrome! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS!!! IF YOU DON'T I WILL HAVE TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER!!! (that is a lot for me..) I MIGHT NOT BE ON THE FORUMS ANYMORE...
  3. fadoink

    Cave story: Bad ending (ideas and development)

    I HAVE SECRETLY BEEN WORKING ON A MOD! It happens after the bad ending! It is about you and kazuma live peacefully in the mountainside but Quote keeps having nightmares about danger coming back to the island. He and kazuma go back to the island but something is not right... Pictures! If...
  4. fadoink

    Kento: The Lord of destuction

    EDIT: SO SORRY THIS IS IN WRONG TOPIC! In Con Story there is a boss I am making. His name is kento. He is the god of destruction. If anyone can help me assembly hack PLEASE do so. Well here it is. 1st and 2nd Res.
  5. fadoink

    Con story will come back!!

    I know there were a lot of problems with my first mod wich had lots of Bugs but now I actually know how to mod and I will make a HUGE update! It will actually get somewhere... I will use <FAI and H\V triggers and it will be AWESOME!
  6. fadoink

    Toroko Story v.0.1

    I am so excited for this release! Please leave GOOD feedback. You can tell me it is a bad mod but don't say OHHHH! THIS MOD SUCKS! TOROKO STORY(Mirror) (I fixed Mediafire on my computer!)
  7. fadoink


    Toroko story is a new mod by moi. story: The Mimiga race was supposed to be a secret until a group of humans crash land on the island. One of the humans was Sue. Sue gets turned into a Mimiga and King thinks she really is a mimiga. Once he finds out she is so much different than the others he...
  8. fadoink

    Let's appreciate our fav. Mods

    How to show appretiation: 1.Post the name of your fav. Mod 2. Tell 2 good things about the mod 3.BOOM! You are done! Examples: 1.WTF story By:GIRakaCHEEZER 2 Good things: Great graphics and great storyline. 2. King Strife and Sacrifice By:Noxid 2 Good things: I like character faces and story...
  9. fadoink

    Cave story 2 The next story V. 0.1

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6xdis2cp4jc7b0y/GR7fJTXqGt Quote is back on a new adventure! He returns to the island but something strange is going on! This game was made like 1 week ago so do not think it is that good...
  10. fadoink

    weird map look?

    I have noticed on some mods there is 2x resolution graphics and when I see the maps on Cave editor(what I use)The map is all weird and.. stuff.. Help me!
  11. fadoink

    Making and changing tilesets?

    I want to have different tile sets then the ones in cave story and other people's mods. How do you make one?
  12. fadoink

    Booster lab missing???

    I bought CS+ on stream for my computer and when I tried to download boosters lab there was no booster lab application. Help...
  13. fadoink

    Con Story Early demo release!

    My new game! More importantly MY FIRST GAME!! Up to date demo https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xw04eky990jyic2/Dn_Ex0LMcd Story V.01 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xw04eky990jyic2/Dn_Ex0LMcd Sorry, No screenshots.. How to download: 1. click link below. 2. on the top right corner there is a...
  14. fadoink

    Con story spritesheet show!

    Do you want a chance for your character to be in my game? well I will show you how! Step 1: Make a quote character with blonde hair and light blue clothes Step 2: make a face for that person in happy, sad and scared or HOLY CRAP I PEED! Step 3: post it up and have a chance to be on my game!
  15. fadoink


    Question 1: I am wanting to have a cave story mod where you dont just have a single file! Kinda like king story or wtf story! Question 2: Every time I edit a cave story sprite after deleting read only thing it does not work! Question 3: Will you answer?