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  1. massivebox

    JilJil ported for the SouljaGame Handheld!

    What is JilJil? JilJil is a high-score arcade-like game, and it's the first publicly available game made by Daisuke Amaya. It' s a fairly easy game, with minimal physics, no storyline, and not that much content in it. What is the SouljaGame Handheld - or better said - RS97? It's a clone...
  2. massivebox

    KeroFlex is a cool little way to share your KeroBlaster Boss Rush time with the world.

    Introducing Kero Flex, the ultimate way to flex on your friends KeroFlex is the ultimate way of synchronizing your Kero Blaster Boss Rush High Score online, so you can flex it on your friends. KeroFlex is an .exe file you can store in your KeroBlaster folder and has the sole purpose of...
  3. massivebox

    Kero Blaster Omake ending screens

    Hi everybody, I've kind of a weird question. As you may know, when completing boss rush in Kero Blaster, the ending screen changes according to your current time. Examples: 1'12": Basically everyone is there 2'38"53: Only reversed office lady/office guy and some flowers 2'59"25: Only reversed...
  4. massivebox

    Rain - Easteregg?

    Hello guys and gals, Just for curiosity, I've unpacked the .exe from "[ Rain ] Pixel Aquarium", and I've noticed something odd: This is the BitMap image for the trumpet cat, which I've only seen in the game animated with the first row. I've never seen the sprite for the cat change to the second...
  5. massivebox


    So, I have just found this entry in the "Other works by Pixel" section of cavestory.org, and I was surprised to see an online multiplayer game by Pixel! I couldn't find any other information anywhere, and I'm so sad that it's not available anymore, except for two offline mods that have the maps...