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  1. MinecraftPro

    Expanding your horizons?

    Rpg, i hate those genre's until i played red alert (2). my big brother forced me to play 2 player campaign,i played then i love it.
  2. MinecraftPro


    does' cycling counts as sports?
  3. MinecraftPro

    Your best ingame achievements

    beated halo on legendary with no dying MGS 3 with no alert IWBTG on very hard SMB 100% Jenka's Nightmare Revived No Dying Beated Ninja gaiden Time Crisis 4 No Continue Only Uses Pistol ETC'ETC'ETC'
  4. MinecraftPro

    Which do you prefer? +bonus question

    1.cave story + since i am a i-want-to-finish-this-game-FAST kind of person the + suits me 2.Original is the best. 3.that sky dragon 00 :p
  5. MinecraftPro

    Embarrassing/Shameful Secrets Thread.

    i'm afraid of mirrors in the night T.T
  6. MinecraftPro

    Bottleneck problem

    its possible to kill balrog with 1 hp for a hardcore gamer (Like me....) just learn the balrog attack pattern (And use lvl 2 blade for maximum PWN)
  7. MinecraftPro

    Karma System

    sounds like a pretty good idea. and dang it i just got rick'roll'd by jellyfish juice
  8. MinecraftPro

    Youtube General

    cant stop hearing it XD dont know why XD Trivia:it has 113 million views XD Edit by DT: Merge'd
  9. MinecraftPro

    adventuer kid

    This Is TOO EASY! :L
  10. MinecraftPro

    Low-Impact Secrets Thread

    I'm forever alone at school.
  11. MinecraftPro

    The Beast Fang's Intent

    i only noticed the missing fang. didn't think of this theory.
  12. MinecraftPro

    Positivity Thread

    My little pony season 3 is here! YAY!
  13. MinecraftPro

    King and Red Flowers

    lol. i asked that why did king not dissapear question : p
  14. MinecraftPro


    Donate? *Looks inside wallet* nah. (i dont even have a credit card)
  15. MinecraftPro

    Show off your org music...

    -Gulp- i never heard the song before :p
  16. MinecraftPro

    A Cave Story Christmas (Not a mod; using GM:S)

    this would be hard. maybe you should add weapons from other games too, like from "Metroid"
  17. MinecraftPro

    Negativity Thread.

    I hate my generation. its full of 4l4y3rs (wonder what is alay on english?) I hate Campers on online games I hate myself I hate Creepers I hate my country I hate Steam I hate my life I hate my computer I hate Justin Bieber I hate my brother I hate Hackers I hate cheaters at online game I hate...
  18. MinecraftPro

    A Random Review - Phantasmaburbia

    imma test it later trying to fix meh computer
  19. MinecraftPro

    Negativity Thread.

    *Clicks all the votes except the last one*
  20. MinecraftPro

    I'm back!

    *Salutes* Welcome back Private Srpokemon!
  21. MinecraftPro


    TAGAP (the apocalyptic game about penguins) is a 2-D platformer shoot-em-up, but it plays more like a first-person-shooter. TAGAP is also about pills. There are different pills that are rewarded for in-game achievements, like hi-scores and killing spree combos. The drugs have different effects...
  22. MinecraftPro

    Retsupurae fans have something to laugh at

    hmmm.... im NOT gonna click THAT!
  23. MinecraftPro

    Jenka's Nightmare Revived - Final release

    *reads topic name* CSC2:JNC2Br:HVBrR? what does that stands for?
  24. MinecraftPro

    Cave Story + Other Videogame T-Shirts

    huf this is expensive!