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  1. CookedChef


    The most anticipated mod ever is finally here! The sequel to one of the most beloved mods is here. Join Quote as he traverses through the world of rave to save reality once again. DOWNLOAD HERE: Rave Story 2.zip FEATURES: -Over 800 unique weapons! -High-quality voice acting all done by the...
  2. CookedChef

    Rate the YTPMV of the user above you

    Because we /obviously/ don't have enough "rate the x of the user above you" threads. YTPMV = Youtube poop music video I don't care if it doesn't count I love it too much begin
  3. CookedChef

    The obscure websites thread

    This thread is for showing random strange/obscure/different websites that you've found in the deep abyss of the internet. I found a... site by searching something completely different. TANE yeap BEGIN
  4. CookedChef

    Rate the video game review of the user above you

    In this thread, write a review of a game you liked/hated then give it a rating (1 to 10). Then rate the review the person above you wrote. Note this does NOT mean you rate them poorly if you liked the game and they said it was shit, or vice versa. Rate the REVIEW. Similar to the "Rate the X of...
  5. CookedChef


    OH HEY IT'S ANOTHER FREE GAAAAAMEEEEEXDFCGsorry Neverball. Or as we call it, the tilt-the-level-and-put-the-ball-in-the-target-thingy game. In it, as you would expect from I called it, you tilt the entire stage your ball is on and get to the end. Now, Chef, that seems like an incredibly easy...
  6. CookedChef


    CHECK THIS FO' SHIZZLE AAAAAWWWW HEEEELL YEAH I'm pretty sure a lot of you here are really fond of gamegrumps, and i'm sorry, it will be missed. fuck steam train This thread is kinda pointless other than JANTRAN EES BECH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE But yeah, how you guys like tuntrin? He cool up...
  7. CookedChef

    Akinator - A scarily accurate guessing game site.

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh http://en.akinator.com/ Post what you were trying and what he guessed. Good luck. This is a good one.
  8. CookedChef

    Remember Flipnote Studio?

    Well, aparentaly, after a long-ass time from when Hatena gave hints for a 3DS addition to Flipnote studio to now, something FINALLY HAPPENED So yeah. Hatena is aparentally dying and we're getting something new to replace it. With several serveces all planned at once, and not clashing...
  9. CookedChef

    Regarding Origami

    This is something that has perked my interests lately, and i've already have been getting into it. I made that out of 2 $1 bills. Pic took with my 3DS. I just want you guys to maybe get into it, if you haven't already in the past. I know of a couple sites that might help you out. Try it...
  10. CookedChef

    Mr. Doob

    I'm pretty sure some of you know what this is. Like trippy browser effects? Then you'll like this. Best used in chrome.
  11. CookedChef

    Sam and Max: Freelance Police

    Check this shit. I think my spleen is gone from the amazing humor. Oooooooohhh, the 90s.
  12. CookedChef

    No-one has to die.

    Misleading title to a thread? Maaaaaaybe. No-one has to die is an indie suspence/novel game based moreso story than gameplay. There are 4 workers and a visitor in a mysterious corporation, in which many cases atleast one person must die for the others to continue. The game progresses depending...
  13. CookedChef


    Bump is a game i found while watching Nerdcubed's 3FGF and it's quite... different. (Its at 9:37.) Bump is what you call a Role-playing platformer. In which you move in turns while keeping the platformer aspect. The game messes with your head in where careful placement becomes very...
  14. CookedChef

    The Desktop Game

    Tired of forum-based games? TOO GODDAMN BAD no i'm sorry don't kill me In this lovely game, I post my (example) current desktop background. then the next person below me (moar example) will download it and make it their own desktop background, while posting their own before downloading. BEGIN...
  15. CookedChef

    Super Smash Flash 2

    N3VsS-B_EZY Super Smash Flash 2 is an absolutely lovely flash spin-off of the original Super smash bros. sieries. It in its entirety is currently in an alpha state, but you can play the alpha at the McLeodGaming website. Its currently pretty much SSBB/SSBM, but with an added roster of...
  16. CookedChef

    The Powder Toy

    Or "Powder" as the file name implements. Powder is a phisics based simulation game that is soully based around mucking around with solids, liquids, and gasses. There are many matierials to your disposal, such as walls and explosives. You can even make life. Some that dont last very long, and...
  17. CookedChef


    Mari-0 is the original mario, but with a Portal gun, making the game that much better. The fact that you have a portal gun makes the game harder, yet easier. Harder, as in you still have a time limit, so you cant dick around with your new toy, and easier because you can surpass anything...
  18. CookedChef


    Ok, so I was looking through Steam Greenlight and I saw a game called blockscape. I figured It would be a bad spinoff of Minecraft, but it turns out this game is really good. SFKlNskaRPU Its pretty much minecraft, but with fantastic graphics, and SLOPES. (gasp) It also has a recently added...
  19. CookedChef

    Composed Fate (RPG idea)

    IDEA OVERLOOOOOAAAAAD- actually iv'e had this idea for a while now. I have a HUGE idea for an original RPG game, but a slight issue, i don't know a good game programming software... any suggestions? COMPOSED FATE IN A NUTSHELL: There will be more to it, but this is the gist of it. :D
  20. CookedChef

    Minecraft hates me.

    Minecraft hates me. it truly does. I play it for a while, then BLAMO. My computer dies. Why minecraft. WHY.
  21. CookedChef

    SW problems with windows 8 beta

    Hey, this is just a thread for my friends problem. My friend recently got the Win 8 beta, and got CS. He was interested in modding, so he got SW. But he says: "When I load doukutsu on it, and choose a map, it says 'could not load tileset.'" So, What exactly is the problem here? is it because...
  22. CookedChef

    Ikachan problem with vista

    Hey, I wasn't sure to put this in other games by pixel or cave story technical issues, so move this if needed. Recently, I download ikachan on my laptop. (its Vista. i know, derp.) The game is loads of fun, I enjoy it a lot. :D But I have an issue. At first I needed to extract the files in...
  23. CookedChef

    Scramble name game

    Not sure if this has been done before, but whatever. The rules are simple. Scramble the letters of the name of the guy/gal above you into something funny, if possible. If not, adding a few letters is allowed. Start with me... o-o
  24. CookedChef

    Who IS Sue's father?!?!?!!?!11!?

    All though there was a lot of evidence throughout the game of this,it still is unclear if this is true or not.