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  1. Zolax

    I think the song "Desperation" in Jenka's Nightmare is a song in RPGMaker called "Labyrinth"

    "Desperation" from Jenka's Nightmare (A CS mod) is an org cover (with a few barely noticeable tweaks) of "Labyrinth" from the RPGMaker 2003 OST (link here.) Originally I thought this was widely known, but the RPGMaker music was barely, and I've yet to find anyone talking about this (except...
  2. Zolax

    Cave Story+ was free (not free from 10th December)

    Cave Story+ will be free on the Epic Games Store on December 3rd! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/cave-story-plus/home For context, this is the same platform that GTA V was made free on. I guess Nicalis did something good (Also, I challenge anyone to get Cave Story+ running on...
  3. Zolax

    Programming Language used in Cave Story+?

    What programming language is Cave Story+ (not Cave Story) made in? I'm assuming it's C(++), but it can't tell.