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  1. Sick Bastard

    What did you dream about last night?

    I dreamed that I was a battlecruiser.
  2. Sick Bastard

    The Big List of Indie Games

    please to be adding Hot Throttle if applicable
  3. Sick Bastard


    Pictures For Sad Children, the baby years
  4. Sick Bastard

    Something odd I found on Bulbapedia

    I'll pedia your bulb.
  5. Sick Bastard

    Funny copy-pastas

    And then a skeleton popped out
  6. Sick Bastard

    Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program is a game about mass murdering little green men. More specifically, it's about mass murdering little green men with their own rockets. You can get the free "demo" (or order it) here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/ kJM-j8PLW-c BOOM In its current iteration, the game is more...
  7. Sick Bastard

    Tribute Site Submissions (Fanart, Music, etc.) or Suggestions

    Cave Story is not a particularly deep or thoughtful story in and of itself. I don't see why anyone would say writing for CS should be next to impossible.
  8. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story -Gold-

    My antivirus thinks that furry smut sites are suspicious. It's right for one reason, but that reason sure isn't viruses. Why do you trust the machine so much? Machines are pretty dumb. People can be pretty dumb too, but usually they have the advantage of being able to pass the Turing test.
  9. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story -Gold-

    Herp derp, IMDB's server is being a dick. It was this, basically.
  10. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story -Gold-

    Most of the time. A little extra never hurts. It also helps when you're doing things other than browsing and your browser's still running in the background, or even browsing at all. Lots of javascripts and flashes doing background shit you don't need are not great friends to a computer's...
  11. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story FanArt

    Danke schön! :toroko2: I'm glad you like it, "unique" is one of the more satisfying compliments I get thrown at me every so often. Hoping someone has some more technical-critical input too, it's all good! So... sleepy. Need... creepypasta.
  12. Sick Bastard

    How Many Games By Pixel Have You Played?

    What's all this business about Ikachan getting picked on? Letting people see him for what he isn't is just part of his master plan. Played maybe 4 games, not including Cave Story (which I have played) and Ikachan (which I haven't). The little ditties weren't really memorable to me, to be honest.
  13. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story -Gold-

    My Windows partition got butt-plowed by a virus a year or two ago while I was downloading yon "esoteric" porn. Words of advice: Flashblock and NoScript addons for firefox, Adblock Plus won't hurt either. Installed all of them right after I reformatted my drive and reinstalled Windows, and I...
  14. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story FanArt

    Thanks, Manwhore (I presume that's what your avatar is anyway), よろしくね. Round, stocky-ish little buggers are my thing. Here's to that critique also. some kinda work in progress thing because yeah
  15. Sick Bastard

    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    We can totally be palzz, Noxid. I spelled that with two zs because I'm actually more hipper than u all but I'll let that slide ok
  16. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story 3DS for Japan

    I never had many problems running A-10 Tank Killer on my parents' dinky PC when I was 3, but then my first experience with computers was Windows 95. Ah well, glad to know I live in a world of relative game cross-compatibility compared to what my forebears knew. But that still doesn't say why...
  17. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story FanArt

    Yeah, it's a stylistic thing. Follows from my assumption that humanoid feet distribute weight better than cutesy furry footpaws. Looking back at it though, I still kind of buggered the feet. And the hands. Grah. The face design is a preference of mine; I'd be happy to draw something more...
  18. Sick Bastard

    Composed Fate (RPG idea)

    I imagine that what you've got in the thread subject is a working title, but why Composed Fate?
  19. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story 3DS for Japan

    Mildly off topic, but I've never really understood the drive to buy a new computer just to play video games.
  20. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story FanArt

    Sure doesn't tell me anything about what needs improving!
  21. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story FanArt

    Herp derp.
  22. Sick Bastard

    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    So, I guess this goes here even though I'm technically not "new". Hello, people. Sick Bastard has returned and he is here to muss your hair and ruffle your feathers and tickle your tushie etc. Actually, I like to think I've changed quite a bit from my older self. I'll leave that to you all to...
  23. Sick Bastard

    Cave Story finally on DS(i)?

    I don't get the appeal of the Wii remake to begin with. I just pirated the OST.
  24. Sick Bastard

    i wish to keep my sanity...

    I took one look at that wall of text and decided that you could not possibly be saying anything that would ever concern me, ever
  25. Sick Bastard

    Mimigas would be awesome if they were real!

    Sexy. I'm not sure why you need to know where the picture is from to use it though, QXC.