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  1. Bavi_H

    OrgMaker 2.1.0 - English translation in progress

    Update 2014-08-30: I'm done. org210x.zip Update 2014-08-30 21:19 (-0500): Changed "Vibrato" to "Tremolo decay". Update 2014-09-13: In the Space Remaining dialog, restored the OK button to the beginning of the tab order, to prevent the useless highlighting of the first number. Update...
  2. Bavi_H

    Word "expression" in post is changed

    Edit: Here is a clearer description of the problem, now that I understand it better. Note: The basic edit mode is what happens when you click on the little light switch icon (the first icon) in the post editing box. It disables all the other buttons and lets you enter code manually. The...
  3. Bavi_H

    OrgMaker 2 update

    I carefully examined the original Japanese text in Rxo Inverse's OrgMaker 2, and updated Xaser's English conversion of OrgMaker 2. I've never studied Japanese, but by using Google Translate to break and rejoin words in the translation, I believe I've gotten good translations. org205xb.zip Main...
  4. Bavi_H

    ORG to MIDI converter

    Here's the ORG to MIDI converter I've been working on: ORGMID. ORGMID is a command line program. Call it with the name of an ORG file to read and the name of a MID file to create: orgmid in.org out.mid ORGMID doesn't choose melodic MIDI instruments for you. All the melody instruments in the...