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    What is Org’s Wait time in Bpm?

    orgmaker version 211 has a (uneditable) bpm value based on the wait time which you can use to help sync bpm. For using ORG sounds in other software however I recommend just using an Orgmaker soundfont or importing the Org samples that come with PxTone.
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    100 Worlds (Alpha)

    this looks really cool so far!! Will this level have any enemies?
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    Lost Machine - a short atmospheric mod for Modfest 26

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it
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    Lost Machine - a short atmospheric mod for Modfest 26

    Since I won Modfest I was planning on posting it here anyway but Aikyuu was the reason I decided to post it today, lol
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    Lost Machine - a short atmospheric mod for Modfest 26

    A short story about a lost robot waking up a year after disaster Has two endings, a bad and good ending Winner of Modfest 26 This mod is heavily inspired by a Cave Story dream I had a few years ago, with most of the areas and layouts being as closely of a recreation to the original dream as...
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    Sunset Challenge

    awesome no 60 fps even with modloader ok but yeah i genuinely love this it's really impressive ngl (and hard), this was made with ModCS, yeah? also i must know who made that Home - Resonance org it's so good
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    Sunset Challenge

    well, less the server and more Doukutsu Club lol, the CSMC server is more for mod feedback and help, but yeah, it's been interesting how over the past few years mod uploading has shifted from being less common here on the forums to Doukutsu Club Honestly I understand the shift since I think...
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    Cave Story Season 2

    I've already sent this to MCSMfan through Discord DM but I felt I'd post it in this thread here as well, a few days ago I recorded a video playing through the first two episodes of this mod series. Despite some mistakes and weirdness I felt it was somewhat entertaining and the errors were...
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    If you have questions not mod related.

    If you're talking about ClayHanson's Cave Story Multiplayer, you can download it here https://cavestorymultiplayer.com/ it's a full remake of cave story from the ground up for multiplayer support
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    [MEDIA] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpXBC9xwkNY decided to record a video on...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpXBC9xwkNY decided to record a video on minecraftstorymodefan's mod yea despite some mistakes and weirdness i actually kind of liked this mod lol (also this is pretty much my first time posting a video that's properly edited, I haven't edited much before this)
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    https://doukutsuclub.knack.com/database#search-database/mod-details/611f17f90c21c3001ea239cc/ finished lost machine, might make a thread here since I'm quite proud of it even though it's a bit short
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    hmm [MEDIA]

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    Compiling CSE2 Emscripten

    Woah! This is really cool :0 Tried a little bit of both your port of Gregg Story and the original Cave Story, they both seem to run with no issues
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    update [MEDIA]

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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Yes. You need to use the <MIM command at the script its supposed to change the player's sprite to activate the custom player spritesheet I haven't used <MIM in a while but I think if you have 3rd custom Quote sprite below the mimiga mask you'd use <MIM0002 to switch to it, as <MIM0000 should be...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I believe Hayden is referring to the Hackinator that comes with Booster's Lab. Booster's Lab comes with a version of TSC+ 3rd MyChar sprite can be achieved by using <MIM which should come with TSC+
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    makin something for modfest this month [MEDIA]

    makin something for modfest this month
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    Mods general discussion

    I was given a download link by ilikebreadtoomuch a few weeks ago when told it used an inventory teleport system (which I ended up using a similar system in 100 Worlds) aware In Denial already found a download, but for others who might not know of where to download it, here's the download link...
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    100 Worlds (Alpha)

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    100 Worlds (Alpha)

    Ohh, I've never really ran out of tiles so I was unaware there was a hard limit for pxas, that's good to know
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    100 Worlds (Alpha)

    At the moment the max is 256x256, but I could increase the max tileset size with a hack if needed
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    Show off your org music...

    Was implemented ~1 week ago I think, was only really mentioned by andwhy in #general on the CSTSFDG & CSMC Discord servers though iirc, it was also mentioned to be added the updates tab of this website's front page I think since it's used on the music page