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  1. JiNXeD

    What's your favourite colour?

    Mine is blue. I like green apples. You can also explain further why this is your favourite colour.
  2. JiNXeD

    About MegaUpload mirrors

    Yeah I honestly didn't have any idea where else I could've posted this, but.. Since MegaUpload is down, I suggest removing the mirrors leading to it, for example in the Cave Story Deluxe download. Or don't, it's same to me, I just wanted to notify you of this happening.
  3. JiNXeD

    Setting up modding teams? And the difference between modding communities

    I personally would like a thread/area where people could ask people to join their modding project incase they need help in some specific area they're not familiar with, or possibly join a modding team themselves. This might seem like an absolute idiotic idea and should be buried under hundreds...
  4. JiNXeD

    Sub-forum for Tutorials?

    Hey, I think there should be a whole sub-forum for tutorials and help. Like modding tutorials, walkthroughs, faqs.... Just an idea. Don't smite me if you don't like it.
  5. JiNXeD

    Cave Story+ Wind Fortress Glitch

    Whenever I play it and I die, the counter doesn't reset. The only way so far to fix this seems to be restarting the game.
  6. JiNXeD

    Do Cave Story mods work on Cave Story+?

    Just wondering. And also, how would I install them for Cave Story+? Sorry if the question has been asked, since I couldn't find any. I'm also new to modding and all that.