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    Some Beta Screenshots/Info

    There was this reddit thread where someone compiled Beta screenshots from Pixel's GDC talk and asked for translation, and got a reply. It was quite interesting to go through these, you can glean a little more about the Beta plot. If you're curious check it out, I thought I would share the link.
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    The Deal With Saving Booster?

    So, this probably came across as weird to everyone, how Professor Booster dies if you meet him, but he lives on fine if you ignore him. I was thinking about this, and may have come up with a vaguely plausible theory? When you meet Booster and he gives you the booster, he basically understands...
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    Draw Cave Story FanArt With Your Non-Dominant Hand!

    Just what it says in the title, pretty much. Draw some Cave Story fanart with your weaker hand, and submit it here. (Ambidextrous people need not apply.) Hopefully, this should be interesting!
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    Happy 11th Birthday, CSTSF!

    The title says it all, really, but I'd like to wish the tribute site forums a happy birthday. March 13th, if I remember correctly? Also a big thank you to all the members here, who make this place so great and supportive and informative. I really don't know how to (or whether to) expand on or...
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    Pi (π) Day!

    Well, it's Pi day! From a GMT+5:30 zone, I'm posting this thread at 9:26:53, so it's at 3-14-15 9:26:53. (Approximately.) Also note that this is a really special event for now, as the year is also being used (2015)! That won't happen for another 100 years. :) Here's a link with more about Pi...
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    Cave Story's Globally Diverse Audience?

    Hello there, everyone. I was wondering - how far and wide across the globe has Cave Story spread its influence? So I thought, maybe we could take a map and put a dot someplace for each Cave Story player that lives there. If you're interested in participating, please post what country you live...
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    Hello, everyone! Let me begin by saying no pun was intended on the thread title. Now, this is a thread for sharing/discussing your favorite quotes/profound thoughts. And pretty please, with sugar on top, don't post non-serious/light-hearted quotes. Okay, now let's start with my personal...
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    Cave Story Anime Voice Actors (Your Opinion)

    Hello, everyone! I had an interesting idea: If Cave Story were to be made into an anime, which voice actresses/actors do you think would voice which Cave Story characters? Here's what I think: Quote: Lag Seeing (From Letter Bee) Curly: Himeko Onizuka (From Sket Dance) Sue: Minami Shimada (From...
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    An idea!

    Hello, everyone! Let's all decide on a 'Cave Story Day' where you frequently use references/phrases from Cave Story in regular conversation, even with people who don't know about Cave Story! (For example, say 'Huzzah!' when starting to talk to a friend.) My vote for the date is April 29. And of...
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    Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

    Hello. There is an application called Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard here. You can make songs with it with several different instruments like piano, guitar, music box, xylophone, etc. I thought about making a Music Box cover of some Cave Story song, since currently Pulse is the only song with such...
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    Cave Story skin for Osu! v0.8

    Creator: IdioticBaka1824 (known as botherhiyori on the osu! site) Type: A Cave Story-related thing for an unrelated game. Status: Partly done, still in progress. Features: A bunch of png files to customize Osu! Blurb/Summary: This is basically an Osu! skin based on Cave Story. I know there's...