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  • Hi DT here, I've noticed the last software has made it possible again for users to change their own usernames, but now with a new functionality allowing staff to approve or reject the change as it goes through. This has the potential to save a bit of hassle for everybody; however, in order for it to be worth leaving on it will need to not be abused. I request that all users continue to fulfill the general expectation of only requesting a new handle very occasionally, e.g. to fit in line with what they now use in most other places. The next while-ish will be treated as a trial period to gauge whether or not to keep it this way or change it back again (again).

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  1. Quote and Curly - uselesscalcium

    Quote and Curly - uselesscalcium

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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'fguys you want this save file?'

    It's your choice to support a locked down system that has worse performance, almost infinitely less features, no respect towards privacy, no customization of workflow, a sudo paywall, and no user-end dev tools to make your experience your own. Also inb4 games. Proton runs a lot of games now...
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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'fguys you want this save file?'

    Imagine using windows in 2021
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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'curly brace'

  5. BLink

    I should do that to Sue's Story.

    I should do that to Sue's Story.
  6. "rabbit people"  - nightmargin

    "rabbit people" - nightmargin

  7. "pulse" - nightmargin

    "pulse" - nightmargin

  8. "Curly and Company" - rottel

    "Curly and Company" - rottel

  9. "CurlyBrace" - saequrly

    "CurlyBrace" - saequrly

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  11. approach - uselesscalcuim

    approach - uselesscalcuim

  12. doctor - raymundo

    doctor - raymundo

    By Raymundo
  13. QuoteCurly - uselesscalcium

    QuoteCurly - uselesscalcium

  14. Post-Oekaki Wallpaper Edits

    Post-Oekaki Wallpaper Edits

    More wallpaper edits as I find cool CS fanart (credit given where possible!)
  15. Misery and Curly - uselesscalcium

    Misery and Curly - uselesscalcium

  16. Colons - uselesscalcium

    Colons - uselesscalcium

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    org2xm won't open

    You probably want to actually change to the directory that org2xm is in before attempting to run the commands. You're still in the users home directory and typed out the directory that org2xm is in. That's fine, but you also have to type the directory again for each argument, like the actual org...
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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'Aikousha'

    e explain the EVIDENCE https://www.cavestory.org/forums/media/aikousans.3353/
  20. Aikousans


    Theory of Ikousha being NOT sans DEBUNKEDD!! (it is not)
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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'Aikousha'

    sans is real
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    So, hey.

    While having 0 relation to my actual feelings on this matter; this is the funniest thing I've seen in a good while.
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    Cave Story Oekaki Collection

    I'm not criticizing your age, I'm just putting into perspective how long ago these works were made. If I was talking to somebody like DT I would say "since you were in high school". Of course I've considered it. I've just chosen to not follow it. For some reason a lot of people think you have...
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    Cave Story Oekaki Collection

    Yes. I did get feedback elsewhere that was positive, but it's not what drove me to make these edits beyond just 2 or 3. I like how you left the part out where this art is literally as old as you are, and that all the artists are #1 anonymous #2 not active (since this was 15 years ago) #3...
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    Cave Story Oekaki Collection

    Due to the feedback on the discord, I've went ahead and have done 12 more of these edits! I had a lot of fun messing with these, and now I have a strong slew of wallpapers for one of my favorite games. With the exception of the last image. I've decided against including images that just required...