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  1. minerguy667

    The first two crown holders.

    Who (or what) were they?? The Halda looks like a alien Mewtwo thing. The Annachponae looks like a undead crocodile. What did they do(or try to do) Take over the planet? Seek revenge on someone? Demand riches from the surface?
  2. minerguy667

    In memory of those who died 11 years ago

    Well, today is 9/11, so a moment of silence whom lost their lives.
  3. minerguy667

    Which form of Ballos is hardest for you.

    For me the the second form is hardest. Shooting his eyes can get pretty hard, especially when hes jumping.And the 16 damage smashing attack is plain out annoying. His third and final aren't that hard if you know what your doing.
  4. minerguy667

    Robots on the island's power source

    Read first!: Wind, solar, hydro, and combustion based energy are all ruled all. On an coal, oil, etc. is hard to ship onto a floating island. And with mostly caves, the others are almost impossible. Power room, blue robots: I'm guessing a rechargeable battery of sorts. They're mostly located...
  5. minerguy667

    Something odd I found on Bulbapedia

    While browsing random pages on Bulpapedia i found this: Coincidence? Cavestory reference(Maybe the developers knew Pixel?)Or a inside joke added by the developers? Proof
  6. minerguy667

    Quote has a Magic Sacthel?

    FOr those who don't know, a "Magic satchel" is.... At maximum loadout, Quote's inventory consists of 36 items(Including Beast Fang) 5 weapons Ammo for said weapons.(Mostly missiles) Also, the missile launcher looks like its actually taller than Quote.You can have a maximum of 54 super...
  7. minerguy667

    How does Qoute drown??

    Supposdly, robots wouldn't need oxygen, but it is still possible to drown.They only reason for a robot to need air is if they ran on a internal combustion engine. But that would be impossible unless every refill station was a gas pump. Also, Qoute would probably get two miles per gallon on...