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  1. TheHamburglar

    Megane (Glasses)

    Guess who's back.... back again... Anyways, I've been playing this game a lot recently, and I don't know why more people don't talk about it. It's really fun. I've gotten all the endings, of which there are 6. 1. Getting less than 30 points will result in a simple ending: the princess telling...
  2. TheHamburglar

    Super Mario Bros. New Speedrun Category

    Hello everyone, I know this might not be the best place to bring this up, but I feel that here would be a good start. I'm assuming most of you know what the "minus world" glitch from the original SMB is, if you don't know what it is then there's a pretty good explanation here: I have found...
  3. TheHamburglar

    Anyone wanna help me raid a stream? (in a good way)

    There's a small-time streamer I'm watching on youtube right now, let's see if we can surprise him with a LOT of new viewers at once! Link:
  4. TheHamburglar

    Help me with a Science assignment

    I need to do a science assignment where I apply the scientific method to something, I'm deciding to do a poll. My hypothesis is that more people prefer PC than Mac, idk though, so if you guys could help me out on this it would be much appreciated! ANOTHER EDIT: Thank you for all the data! I...
  5. TheHamburglar

    Xbox One / Black Ops 3

    As the title says, the Black Ops 3 beta is coming sooner than we think, and I think it would be cool if we added each other and maybe if we even played the beta together. My gamertag - HamburgerYT
  6. TheHamburglar

    Pokémon ORGs

    Hello all, just a random ORG idea. Let's see how many great Pokémon covers made with ORG maker we can get! Post your download links as a reply. For starters, the good old Lavender Town Theme: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcnrwof0fn9ihzx/Lavender.org?dl=0 EDIT: If I really like one, I'll ask...
  7. TheHamburglar

    ORG to MP3?

    Hello all, I've made a thread already with some of my CS remixes, and I'd like a way to convert these ORG files to MP3 files. I tried simply changing the suffix to .mp3, but it doesn't work. If anyone has a way, or knows of a way, to change ORG files to MP3 files, it would be greatly...
  8. TheHamburglar

    My First Remix Project

    Hey guys, I've just started work on this, and I figured I'd put up the thread now. The list of downloads will grow as more tracks get completed and added. For now, here's what I have: Cave Story Theme Remix v0.2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/no823ukiaghnh73/Cave%20Story%20Remix%20v0.2.org?dl=0...