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  1. Serri

    Org2XM issue

    Hey, just popping up from my break real quick because I was messing around with Org2XM and converted some songs from mods to the XM format, and I was playing around with the Audieremony plugin for RPG Maker 2003, which enables games to load Oggs and XM files. Well, I didn't realize this until I...
  2. Serri

    So, hey.

    Okay, a bit of a serious post here. I've heard of what happened earlier in January. All I have to say on the matter is the party who made the document is not a viable source of information, after events regarding them leaking addresses of other community members, as well as the motive behind...
  3. Serri

    A general thread, because why not?

    So despite everything that is going on in regards to CSE2 and Nicalis, just how is everyone doing right now? Didn't expect several inactive members to pop up again in wake of current events, thought maybe we could have a conversation here, even though the CSMC Discord literally exists for that...
  4. Serri

    Frequently asked modding questions thread (LOOK HERE BEFORE MAKING A NEW THREAD)

    Are you brand new to modding? Do you feel the need to ask a question that you can just easily search for to see if you got the right answer? Well, maybe that question has already been answered! So free free to check out this thread to see if you find what you are looking for! Veteran modders are...
  5. Serri

    Haru to Shura

    Looks like Pixel is making a new game, and it has a more melancholic overtone to it. I'm kinda curious to see how it plays. It is set to release on November 11 this year. Steam page
  6. Serri

    Nintendo WiiWii Shop is down! I want the Cave Story for the Wii

    Pls hellp me. I am 13 yrs old and I don't know why the Wii Shop is down. Is 2012 and I have no idae how to installation the Cave Story. My Nintendo account is xXBesatMaster64Xx and I want to buy the Cave Story fofr the Wii also how 2 get KSS i n Cave Story for the Wii??? k thx will pay in...
  7. Serri

    The <IMG Paradox?

    So, the <IMG command, the bastard TSC command that appeared really good to use, until it comes to the point where it can fuck up your mod hard, and it's a bit difficult to fix that all up if you have no backup files. It's not even compatible with the Widescreen mod used in Mod Loader. But that's...
  8. Serri

    We need a new means of account verification.

    This is the second time this year that this has been going on, where the email verification prompts are popping up, and no actual emails are being sent. And this has been going on for even longer this time, considering the last new member that made an account in the forums. Now, I completely...
  9. Serri

    It was fun while it lasted, pack your bags

    Guys, I really have to confess something. I have been pulling this clever prank for nearly 7 years, but I feel this has gone on long enough. I am not Serri, I'm not TLinkan. My name is Paul, and my main Cave Story forum account is MagicDoors. That's right. I'm Doors. I'm Diachromatic. I'm...
  10. Serri

    TSC+ Improved

    I would have actually loved to post this in the Booster's Lab hacks thread, but I feel any discussion on this specific hack will warrant its own thread anyway, so here it is. TSC+ Improved TSC+ was released by Noxid in 2012 as an optimized TSC Parser made to include several custom ASM...
  11. Serri

    You just gonna drop by and not celebrate Cat Month?

    We need to bring back this old tradition, post pics of your cat, get into the feline spirit, anything involving cats (as long as it's SFW), put it here! (=^w^=)
  12. Serri

    Roast me pls

    Tbh, I'm feeling kinda generous right now. I'm asking you, the CSTSF, to flock over to this thread and roast me. I'm dying to read anything juicy y'all have been keeping to yourselves about me. :awesomeface:
  13. Serri

    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    Hello everyone, I hope you all have been having a good time. Ready for another contest? This one may be a bit experimental, but I'm confident that this will pull off. So don't lock this thread too soon, mods. Serri presents... "That's amazing, I may not get the rules for now, but when can...
  14. Serri

    RE: Adding more Orgs Tutorial

    This is really a callback to this thread by Noxid, but I figured that we should revisit this. Now you can add more than the max 43 songs the game can really hold with this patch: It moves the RAM from 0x4981E8 to 0x494000, and I made sure the line at 0x420F14 reads off that new RAM location...
  15. Serri

    Organya on Sidwiz2

    Have you ever wanted to know how to visualize Cave Story music, like how music of other formats (NES, SNES, C64, etc) are in Sidwiz2, like certain tracker artists (one notable artist who often uses the program being RushJet1)? Then you've come to the right place! However, do keep in mind...
  16. Serri

    CSTSF 2016 Flaming Competition Discussion & Submission Thread

    But you see, it's called "the final level" for a reason. Because it's not meant to be the entire story of the non-existant game this mod is the "final level" of. Also, if you didn't care about the story and exposition at all, then why were you even playing it in the first place? Be glad there's...
  17. Serri

    Terri's Night Out (0.22) Minor bug fixed!

    Hey, remember that one horrible mod I made back in December 2014? Well, I decided to bring it back and make it less shitty and less infested with memes, and extend it into what would've been the planned sequel. (9/24) Happy birthday, Terri! Screenshots: BUG FIXES: Demo 2: - Fixed room data...
  18. Serri


    If this was discussed about before, tell me to stop it now. So I found something interesting while looking at the files in the Stage folder. Similarly to when the entity file "New.pxe" was found, I found a lone file called "Cook.pxm", and I substituted the Start Point map file with this one and...
  19. Serri

    The McWhopper Proposal

    You guys do the discussion. I'm still at a loss for words on this. EDIT: I should mention that I know that McDonalds has rejected the proposal. The idea of both fast food powerhouses making the same sandwich is still unbelievable.
  20. Serri

    Doukutsu Hentai (NSFW)

    Remember when I said I'll make this mod called "Doukutsu Hentai" last year, in response to Bionicobot's NSFW Story mod? Well, it took me long enough to make it! This mod uses the Media Player hack by gamemanj. Notes regarding this mod: Okay, no more downloads for this mod. I prefer not to be...
  21. Serri

    First video games you've had?

    I'm actually surprised there wasn't a thread on this yet. This thread here is to list your first video games you've had, you can list them under home console and handheld if you had either at separate times. You can also post pictures of them if you desire to do so. If you got multiple video...
  22. Serri

    Laptop monitor issues

    I've been using the same laptop for nearly 2 years now and as of recently, the monitor on my laptop will occasionally have it display an all white screen or an all gray screen instead what's actually going on in the desktop. Is it something that can be fixed or should I use an external monitor...
  23. Serri

    The 2015 CSTSF Nintendo World Championships

    I was thinking it'd be nice if we were to do something while Nintendo's doing their own NWC at E3. Because it'll be kinda hard to coordinate a tournament over the forums, I'm going to make this a high score challenge. Here's some things you will need to use in order to participate. 1. The 1990...
  24. Serri

    Sand Zone entities 106 and 601

    If this was discussed before, then I apologize. I found something quite interesting in the Sand Zone map. There are two unused entities near the Warehouse entrance with events 106 and 601. Entity 106 looks like it could be a debug transport to the Labyrinth. What's more interesting though is...
  25. Serri

    Can kids see why Balrog hates the taste of Balrog Meme Crunch?

    Seriously, fucking stop. I'm pretty sure Balrog appreciates the attention but too much of it over a span of two days is fucking annoying.