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  1. Tert

    CSE2 Got DMCA'd

    dmca/ at master · github/dmca · GitHub This is probably the worst thing i've seen all year, we got DMCA'd by Nicalis. And I thought that we were safe from lawsuits.
  2. Tert

    Is reaction score even relevant and how do you get it?

    I see people with reaction score and it confuses me how they got it. so i wanna know if it does anything and/or how you get it.
  3. Tert

    What are the Littles?

    Sitting around doing schoolwork made me bored as hell, so I decided to go on the CSTSF. Reading the Theories board reminded me of something that i thought of when playing CS+ for the first time on my 13th birthday. I remember finding the Little's House and wondering: "Wait a minute, how did tiny...