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  • No, he's a boring retard who thinks it's cool to threaten others over the internet.

    I've tried it once and it was plain retarded, looking back I should really go apologise to that guy except for the fact that I couldn't really be bothered now.

    Oh, and keep your AIDs with AAKid away from us, we don't need your AIDs derived from fapping to goatse around here anywhere.

    There's a high chance you're AAKid.

    There's also a high chance AAKid and you are Jacob's other accounts because Jacob is a poopiehead. ):
    Looking at your convo with MS it seems that you are a friend of AAKid and are on some revenge trip and want to threaten me because of me banning him. Let me tell you something, I only temp-banned him. Temp-banning means that in under a week AAKid's account will be un-banned and he can post again. It is like the forum equivalent of "time-out" where you are punished by sitting in the corner while all the other kids are out playing. I know you want to defend your friend and all, but I had every right to ban him.

    Now you have asked for me to earn your trust, but you just lost mine. Please tell me that you signed up here for something other than to threaten me.
    Actually, I reported AAKid for pointless spamming.

    Judging from the looks of it, you're AAKid as well.

    And who the hell wants the trust of a closet loli who hangs out on the internet making pointless threats?

    Revenge my ass, you're a typical example of 'Hur hur hur I'm so cool man I can hurt people over the internet with words because cyber bullying = ultimate vengeance fuck yeah amirite gaiz?', a.k.a. internet tough guy.

    All you're doing is acting tough over the internet, no one cares if you have tatoos or any other shit in reality, this is the internet, what the fuck are you gonna do to have revenge over andwhyisit? Post a visitor message?

    Don't make me laugh.

    It's pathetic.
    *Does something* Uh-oh, are you and your alt-account going to give the forum AIDS?
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