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  • No problem! And for future reference, to reply to one of these messages, click the "View Conversation" link at the bottom of the other person's message, and post your reply there. That way, the other person gets a notification that you've replied.
    Just so you know, you can't receive private messages yet, so you might wanna change the thing in your sig to "visitor message". I tried to send you the following in a private message but it wouldn't let me:

    I'm quite good at making orgs, but I'm already helping someone else (DragonBoots) with orgs for his mod, and I have a couple of mods of my own to work on, and I'm taking summer classes, so I'm a bit too busy to be of much help to you. If you can't find anyone else, I'd be willing to help you, but let me recommend some other forum members that you might try to contact.

    First I would recommend GIRakaCHEEZER, he's really good, but he's also working on his own mod. The same is true of Noxid.

    Safusaka, Volley, Uncy Dave, Xaser, and KuroKun are also pretty good, but they don't come on the forums much anymore these days, so you might have a hard time contacting them.

    EDIT: also, I'm pretty sure there's a Quote face set floating around the forums somewhere. Not sure where though... :/
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