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  • There's no such thing as an unimportant function.
    Well, maybe they're unimportant to all practical applications, but I like to have at least something to put for completion's sake.

    Anyway, some questions:
    What do you mean by "Prevent lethargy" and "prevent erraticism"? I'll assume this functionality deals with damage/XP numbers since it's in that general vicinity of code.

    How can 4213B0 be whimsical star? It's right smack in the middle of what I would assume used to be TSC.cpp or something
    They're exactly the same, except the CPU thread would be the memory in runtime so you add 0x400000 to all offsets. Since I'm so accustomed to Ollydbg I'll usually use runtime notation for all my notes.
    Well I wasn't on for like 6 months, I believe.

    and I couldn't think of anything else
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