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  • And because I randomly happened to stumble upon this again, I feel obliged to tell you that AdBlock+ has a new version that blocks ads from spawning, and there is a noscriptesque thingy called notscripts. uh. yes. kthxbye.
    AdBlock's been ported, you silly man.
    It merely hides the ads, instead of stopping them from loading, but it's still fairly effective.
    Well, that's actually a very interesting question...
    I suppose, overall, it was easier than I thought - the whole thing took maybe two weeks tops, not counting the days I didn't work on it. To be honest, there were actually a surprisingly small number of changes that needed to be made to get it to work. Most work was probably spent refining the method so that it didn't cause any bugs.
    Well it's hardly a secret I know, but I mostly just love being foolish and alluding to it whilst pretending that it's taboo to speak of directly.
    Anyway, midway next week I'll probably make an announcement of some sort, since I do have some things to say about it.
    Both, since they're one and the same :0
    And, I typically reserve PMs for sensitive or lengthy matters of discussion. The inbox is too small :s
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