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  • bless your little heart for thinking about the forums.
    I delete them for you, just ask.
    I appreciate the effort. At least it has a topic, rather than simply being a statement.
    Also, when responding to visitor messages hit "View Conversation" so the message will go on the appropriate profile and the person receiving it will get a notification.

    EDIT: Also I guess I should mention that people typically dont't like it when someone posts in a thread that hasn't been responded to in a long time. Keep an eye open for when the last post was made.

    So many rules, eh?
    Hi. Here at the Cave Story forums, we like to uphold a certain minimum level of post content. Short posts that don't contribute to the topics are frowned upon and in fact violate our forum's rule against spam. Please try to put a little more thought into your posts, or you may be asked to wait until you're a bit older before being allowed to contribute.
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